April 2015 Tarotscope

The Tarotscope is provided by Saima Shah of Rumi Rose Tarot. www.rumirosetarot.com


In Tarot, Aries is reflected by the archetype of the Emperor…the powerful patriarch.

Page of cups. 5 of wands. 5 of swords.

This is your month Aries! Even though the Aries inner nature of childlike trust will be noticeable, their naivete may mean misunderstandings in communication, and difficulty with work colleagues. Watch out for angry outbursts, breathe and double check…’when you said this, did you mean…?’ else there could be feelings of humiliation and even regret. Remember feelings are not easily reparable, once damaged, but broken objects can be replaced Aries! Romance is imaginative, creative and delightful. Keep your mind and passion for causes under control Aries, and you will prove to be the leader that the world looks up to.


In Tarot, Taurus is reflected by the archetype of the teacher and traditional knowledge.

9 of swords. 8 of pentacles. 2 of swords.

April is about hard work and a time of some sleepless nights. You may want to work very hard indeed and burn the midnight oil. Try to lower expectations for yourself. This is not the time to make decisions, and instead learning is more about going with the flow. Planning a vacation and regular breaks could motivate you to get all that work done. Hard working Taurus, you are on the right path. Even if you didn’t do as much work as you think you should have done, make sure you go for that walk or yoga class. It is important!


In Tarot, Gemini the twins is reflected by the archetype of romantic love, Eros.

Temperence. Justice. 8 of cups.

Gemini, when you love you truly love yet there is a duality and need for space. In April, the need for balance will be specially strong for you. Temperance followed by Justice is a big sign that the universe is asking you to stay balanced in your approach to issues. Your attitude of balance will help you with the intensity of being an inner twin. It may not mean the delight and pleasure of being carried away by romantic feelings or its opposite, but balance is your mantra for April. Your inner search for harmony and balance—doing the fair and just thing will take you on a path that doesn’t delight but also doesn’t hurt….something in between what you want and what you get.


In Tarot, Cancer the crab is shown by the archetype of the chariot.

The Moon. The Hanged Man. Ace of Swords.

Cancer, your tendency to be patient and just carry on, using that internal determination that few people realize must be acknowledged. But sometimes, it is about you, not other people. Moon energy is specially high in April. The intensity of the moon may mean an emotional time with highs and lows. The Hanged Man shows that you may not want to change a thing, but carry on regardless with a happy smile in times that are so uncomfortable for others that they would complain and scream but not you. However, the Ace of swords is saying cut out what doesn’t serve you well, you may be drawn to purging and giving away the extra stuff or relationships you don’t need. Don’t be afraid to speak your piece! You may notice that it releases you and helps you to go forward with more energy.


In Tarot, Leo is represented by the archetype of the lion or strength.

The Empress. Queen of swords. Six of Cups.

Your journey is about being loved for who you are, rather than feeling like you have to earn that love. In April, there is a heightened creativity and sense of abundance. You may find creative ways to nurture and take care of yourself. Women are the theme of the month, specially air signs such as Aquairius, Gemini and Libra. Someone from a past life may again enter your life. Be mindful about how you communicate. Use your inner wisdom, speak the truth but gentle enough that it doesn’t hurt people. This is a great month for communications for you.


In tarot Virgo is represented by the archetype of the hermit.

Temperance. The Emperor. King of Pentacles.

For Virgo, this is a month about money. There is support coming from something like an inheritance
or business investors. The angels seem to be on your side. Your inner calm and trust, coupled with powerful leadership could lead to the proverbial pot of gold. Being an Earth sign, you need to see concrete, irrefutable results…and it seems that April is the month where you will feel, touch and see results. They may not be dramatic, but they are definitely coming in! For those looking for work April can bring good news.


In Tarot Libra is represented by the archetype of the scales i.e., the Justice card.

The Wheel of Fortune. Two of cups. Page of swords.

April is about trusting that whatever goes up goes down and life goes round and round in cycles rather than in straight lines. Something that the Libra may struggle with, is why in real life 2+2 often does not equal 4. But, the good news is that even though there is little perfect justice, there is a karmic balancing. Libra’s may get a lucky break at work and in love, but it all depends on how you communicate the truth. Your sense of perfect justice may get ruffled but you can only do what you can do. If you take care to connect heart to heart, speaking your truth will be so much easier. In April, you may find that job that you really like, but just check in with your heart if you really want it. There is good luck with relationships and friendships. Smooth sailing in the romance area and you may find that people receive your truth well.


In Tarot Scorpio the scorpion is represented by the archetype of death i.e, the Death card.

Knight of swords. The Emperor. Page of Cups.

Knight of swords indicates a time where the mind is moving so fast. There is a lot of mental energy in April. The Emperor shows issues with control and so you may find yourself irritated and annoyed with control in the shape of bosses at work or family. The page of cups is a welcome relief — there could be heightened romance in April and a childlike innocence may be part of the experience.


Sagittarius is represented by the Temperance card in Tarot.

The magician. The hermit. Ten of cups.

April could be the month when you demonstrate your gifts to the world. The resourcefulness and abilities that you have will be acknowledged by others. Meditation may feel wonderful this month There are happy times, joyous events and community all around you—but you may want to connect deeply inwards.


Signified by the Devil card, Capricorn is represented by the archetype of the goat man.

3 of pentacles. 4 of pentacles. Ace of swords.

Hardworking capricorn, works harder than everyone else, but isn’t appreciated. People think he or she is laid back, and few people see how painstakingly capricorns take care of their responsibilities. In April, your priority is yourself. Work related education may be important. You may also need to prioritize, organize and clear out what you don’t need. It is a great month to clean and get your finances organized. Get those taxes done!. Great month for finances and work for you.


Represented by the card The Star in Tarot.

The magician. 3 of cups. King of swords.

You have new opportunities to demonstrate your talents to the world. This is a very social month, with many events and parties for you. For male Aquarius’s specially, this is a the time to communicate your ideas and meet new people. Remember you have what it takes to do whatever you want. Your communication skills are excellent and people love your charisma!


Represented by The Moon card in Tarot.

Ace of cups. 2 of cups. The High Priestess.

Romantic and very aware of your attractiveness, Pisces you can expect a fabulously romantic month. There is love, romance and deep awareness of your sexual and psychic abilities. For male Pisceans, your ideal soul mate may become apparent. Female Pisces may feel heightened intuition and deep insights just comes to them easily. Offers of dates, gifts are coming for you….your attractiveness is at an all time high and your psychic moods are very high!

Wishing everyone a fabulous April!

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