Flash Flood in the Tricites Tonight on TheV3H TV

This evening an incredible rainstorm swept through the V3H. My son and I were just kind of enjoying looking out the window until we noticed the sidewalks were gone. So we threw on the boots, grabbed the video camera, and ran out to try and keep the storm drains flowing and enjoy the show.

Winter Weather in the V3H

I will admit it. I do not like snow, not at all. I used to really enjoy it when I was a kid, and my own children adore it. But these days? It’s just not my idea of a good time. The shoveling, the messy roads and the cold all add up to not much […]

Lightning Storm Videos

Photo courtesy: Buzz Bishop Last night we had the most spectacular thunder storm I have seen in many years. While we were busy pulling the computers off the power lines here in the house, many people set up the video cameras and started rolling. Twitter user @pauljeske of Antirobots took this video from his balcony […]

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