Coquitlam By-Election 2013

Coquitlam By-Election 2013

If you live in Coquitlam, you should be preparing to head to the polls on Saturday, October 26, 2013. When Selina Robinson and Linda Reimer won their MLA races, two Coquitlam City Council seats were vacated. 11 candidates have thrown their hats in the ring, hoping to win one of the two vacant positions. Candidates […]

Port Moody Firehall Referendum

Port Moody Fire Referendum

It’s April Fool’s Day today, but the state of Port Moody’s Fire Hall No. 1 is no joke. Fire Hall No. 1 is the city’s main emergency response building. Last year, the Port Moody Fire Department responded to 1240 incidents, and 80% of those were attended to by fire fighters at Fire Hall No. 1. […]

We’ve got new MLAs!

The Tricities have new MLAs after the provincial election. But nobody came to vote, what can be done about it?

Election Day Tomorrow – A Rough Field Guide

Everything you need to know to vote in tomorrow’s Provincial Election.

The Single Transferable Vote

Who better to explain the Single Transferable Vote than my wife Amber, the math wiz? You can see the rest of her excellent blog at, or follow her on Twitter. Here’s the explanation of the STV, which actually makes me more undecided than ever, and I’m never an “undecided” voter… We have a provincial […]

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