Links – Tri-Cities Gardening and Lou’s Sprinkling Conspiracy

Giant Hogweed

Welcome to this fine edition of the links. The Canucks continue to dominate the local discourse, and while we’re all wrapped up in the Cup Finals run, here are some other stories that I found in and around the Tri-Cities. A few days ago we reported on the new Metro Vancouver Lawn Sprinkling regulations, specifically […]

Links – Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals

Canucks go to the Stanley Cup Final. Photo courtesy

Well, it happened in dramatic fashion with a last minute tying goal and a bizarre overtime winner. The Canucks are back in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994, and we here at theV3H HQ are pretty pumped. Some of our local bloggers are sharing different tidbits. The Vancouver Observer has a […]

Links – Disaster in Japan

Japan Quake

While there is some news here closer to home, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have dominated the headlines. Words can’t express the scale of the devastation, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan. Here are some related stories with a local angle. Former Coquitlam realtor Kevin Byrne was right in […]

Links – Farnworth is in, and Coquitlam to Vote Online?

Well, the worst kept secret in local politics ended last week when Mike Farnworth officially declared his candidacy for the BC NDP leadership. Having candidates from the Tri-Cities can only help, and you never know, the Evergreen Line might get built before my kids leave home. Kids still leave home eventually, right? Speaking of local […]

Links – Twas the Night Before The Night Before Christmas

We’re heading into our holiday break here at theV3H, but I’ve got a few links to share of cool things we’ve seen this week. I’m attempting to have snappy segue’s between the links this week. Let’s see how I do. First off, a good way to get mentioned in the links is to say nice […]

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