Happy Holidays from the V3H

It’s Christmas Eve in the Tri-Cities. Tonight is the night children will try to stay awake to hear the reindeer. Tomorrow is the morning they will wake up at 4:00am to see if Santa came yet. The air is thick with Christmas magic and sleep deprivation. Seriously, though, we have had a marvelous time following […]

Why I Support the 3030 Gordon Homeless Shelter

3030 Gordon Homeless Shelter Coquitlam

Far too often we don’t pay a lot of attention to municipal politics. The vote turnouts are abysmal. There are approximately 12,342 municipalities in the Lower Mainland, so the media coverage isn’t as concentrated as it is at the Federal and Provincial level. With most of the discussion revolving around routine by-law and zoning changes, […]

Links – Spike Award Winners


I’m starting a new feature here at theV3H.com. There are many great blogs and news sources around the Tri-Cities and Metro Vancouver. Every Thursday I’m going to do a links post with some cool stories I’ve found from around the Interwebs. If you have any suggestions, send them to me at jon thev3h.com, I always […]

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