The Evergreen Line and Western Port Moody

The Evergreen Line is currently undergoing its environmental assessment. Once that is complete, the route will be finalized and a contractor will be selected, and construction is slated to begin in early 2011. The scheduled completion is in 2014. After years of broken promises, it looks like we will finally get rapid transit in the […]

Port Moody Council fuming over Murray-Clarke Connector

The fabled Murray-Clarke Connector on the west side of Port Moody has been a sore point with Port Moody Council almost since the completion of the CPR. In 1983 the province thought it would be a good idea to widen the route to 4 lanes to accomodate increasing traffic. Today in 2010 there are a […]

Ryan Cousineau and his Amazing Custom Bikes

Kids Racing Bike

Last week saw the observance of Earth Day here in the Tricites. Port Coquitlam handed out compost bags while most of us were reminded to combine our shopping trips and reduce our carbon footprint. But one local guy combines the “reuse” part of the 3 R’s and creates incredibly cool forms of carbon-free transportation. Ryan […]

Mary Hill Bypass on-ramp to Highway 1 closed starting Friday

All levels of government in the Tricites have been in quite the bridge building frenzy. The Golden Ears Bridge last June, The Pitt River Bridge in January, the Coast Meridian Overpass last month, and underway is the construction of the Port Mann Bridge. The new Port Mann will be 10 lanes wide, and with upgrades […]

Evergreen Line Talk Heating Up

One thing that we learned during the Winter Olympics is that if we really want to, we can use public transit. During the Games, Translink moved 1.5 million people a day in Greater Vancouver, 48.6% higher than a normal day. Vehicle use was reduced by 35% each day, exceeding the 30% goal organizers had set. […]

Coast Meridian Overpass Opening Video

The City of Port Coquitlam just opened the Coast Meridian Overpass, linking the southerly Costco-less but Rec Centre rich part of Port Coquitlam with the northerly Costco-rich but Rec Centre and Library poor part of Port Coquitlam. Heading out for the Costco Sunday morning sample-palooza with the kids, we took a little detour over the […]

The Evergreen Line – Will Translink Make It Happen?

Our friends at Translink have had a busy few months. First it was the opening of the Golden Ears Bridge linking Langley and Maple Ridge. Last week we saw the launch of the Canada Line, linking Skytrain from Downtown Vancouver to the airport and downtown Richmond. Here’s a video that let’s you ride the whole […]

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