Enjoy Some Winter Pampering

Spa Pampered Tri-Cities

You wouldn’t know it with the weather we’ve been having, but it’s still winter in the Tri-Cities. With spring in the air, though, many of us are shedding our winter coats and looking forward to warmer days ahead. If you’ve had a stressful winter – and your skin, hair and muscles bear the signs – […]

A Divine Saturday at Spa Divine

Spa Devine Port Moody

A week ago Saturday I enjoyed one of the most indulgent experiences I’ve ever had here in the Tri-Cities, when I paid a visit to Spa Divine at the Inlet. The Port Moody day spa is easy to overlook, tucked away on the corner of a strip mall. If you pay a visit, though, you’ll […]

Find Inner Peace at Cloud 9 Float Spa

As life gets busy, sometimes all you want to do is float away to an isolated island for a couple of days. While that isn’t really a feasible idea, Cloud 9 Float Spa gives us the opportunity to float in a pod of water and relax. The spa uses special float tanks that isolate you from the […]

Sp-ah: Relaxation at il Destino Salon and Spa

il Destino spa in Port Moody

Spa time is me time, and il Destino on St. John’s Street certainly fits the bill as a prime get-away spot in Port Moody. Behind the cool and classy street frontage is a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the city’s main thoroughfare. Parking is available on St. John’s Street but patrons wishing a […]

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