The School Board is a mess, and it’s our fault

School District 43 Coquitlam

So let’s start with the thesis the School District 43 school board is a complete mess. Last year the district ended up with an $8 million dollar deficit, which led to around 142 job losses for teachers and support staff. KPMG came to the conclusion that the leadership of the school district could use someone […]

Weigh in on Land Use in the Coquitlam School District

School District 43 Coquitlam land use

Over the next decade, 5000 more students will join the kindergarten to grade 12 in the local public school system. Much of the growth is going to be concentrated in areas such as Burke Mountain and Port Moody. School District 43 is planning for that growth now. They know they need to build new schools […]

Castle Park’s “Play for ALL” Quest

Did you know the Coquitlam School District has 30,000 students, and 4700 students with a special need? This includes over 300 with Autism and 21 in wheelchairs. And still the district doesn’t have a universally accessible playground with accessible swings, ramping, sensory equipment, and rubberized surfacing. Castle Park Elementary in Port Coquitlam, is a school […]

Links – Coquitlam Library and Pay Parking at Rocky Point?

Rocky Point Park Port Moody Pay Parking

Hey, it’s 10 – 11 – 12 today. I hope your day is as well lined up as the numbers in the date. Who loves a library? I love a library. Perhaps it’s my love of books. Perhaps it’s my love of telling people to be quiet. Perhaps it’s my firm belief that there’s a […]

Links – Evergreen Line and Sandwich Signs

Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam

What’s going on in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam this week? We’ve got some answers for you. The City of Port Moody is talking signage, and you’re invited to give your input. After the controversy over the signage from the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market which we talked about last week, Port Moody is also reviewing […]

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