Links – Port Moody Pool Party and Tri-Cities Lawn Sprinkling Restrictions

Port Moody Pool Party Westhill Pool

While a few of us enjoy a bit of an extended holiday, there is no rest for the weary here in Links Central at World Headquarters. The links gnomes wanted a week off, but luckily for you, I am a nasty taskmaster. Onwards! The City of Port Moody is having a Pool Party on […]

2011 Penguin Plunge Video

So I had this big plan that I was going to go down with my camera and do a piece on the Penguin Plunge in Port Moody. Every January 1st, hearty souls from across the Tri-Cities gather at the boat launch in Rocky Point Park to welcome the new year with a quick dip in […]

Links – Post 300 for

Looking at my trusty post counter in the WordPress dashboard, you are now reading post #300. Our first post was way back on April 22nd, 2009. We were talking about the Random Acts of Kindness Project put on by the Port Moody Library. Suffice to say our readership has grown by leaps and bounds. So […]

Golden Spike Days 2009

Golden Spike Days 2009 in Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park has come and gone

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