Links: Affordable Housing and Secrets of the Deep

2013 City of Coquitlam Annual Report

July 2nd is the day the garbage all changes in Coquitlam. The new carts have been delivered to about a third of homes now. The city reminds everyone to hold off on using the new bins until the official July 2nd start date. Those bins aren’t exactly easy for the current garbage folks to lift […]

Links: A Vision for Riverview and Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day 2014

One of our favourite pastimes here in the Tri-Cities is talking about Riverview. What should be done with it. What shouldn’t be done with it. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Now BC Housing, Shared Services BC and the City of Coquitlam are starting an exercise to figure out what to do with the place. […]

Links: Bad Mayors, Bad Mayors, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Cops in Coquitlam

Former Coquitlam Mayor Jon Kingsbury has lost his appeal of his fraud conviction from last year. Kingsbury received a suspended sentence and two years probation. Even in losing his appeal, as far as criminal former Tri-Cities mayors go, he’s still a distant second to Poco’s Scott Young. To clear our palette, let’s find something positive […]

Treefest 2012: Celebrating the Riverview Lands

Riverview Treefest 2012

The Riverview Horticultural Centre Society, together with the City of Coquitlam and the Burke Mountain Naturalists, invite you to celebrate the 19th annual Treefest event this weekend. This free, family festival will be held on Saturday, September 15 from 11:00am – 4:00pm at the Henry Esson Young (H.E.Y.) Building on the Riverview Hospital Grounds [map], […]

What Role Does Riverview Play in the Tri-Cities?

The future of the Riverview Lands is an ongoing topic of conversation for those of us who live in the Tri-Cities. How do we best utilize this space to serve the needs of the community? How do we preserve the role the hospital played (and continues to play) in the unfolding story of our region? […]

Riverview Tree Tours

Riverview Horticultural Society

Riverview Horticultural Centre Society is dedicated to preserving and protecting the lands and trees of the Riverview Hospital site. They have a vision for the hospital lands as a community oriented, financially viable centre for horticultural, educational and therapeutic activities. Since its inception, its activities have been focused on making people aware of the lands […]

A Weekend of Art and Trees

September is in full swing here in the V3H. The kids are back in school, there’s a chill in the air, and the farmer’s markets are overflowing with the bountiful harvest. And of course the fall social calendar is just revving up. On Friday September 11, the Port Moody Film Society will be showing La […]

BC Heritage Gathered in Pictures

When most people think of touring around to look at historical buildings, it’s an activity we usually associate with a trip to Europe or the Middle East. What we sometimes forget is the breadth of the history that surrounds us everyday here in the Tri-Cities. For people like Bob Hare, history is all around us, […]

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