Dining on the Plateau: Rogues Bar & Grill

On a recent Saturday evening when the kids were out with their grandparents my husband and I made a last-minute decision to go out to eat. But where to go? On a sunny weekend in the Tri-Cities we didn’t stand a chance of a table at most of our favourite haunts. Having recently enjoyed lunch […]

Feed the Whole Family at Lougheed Wonton

Lougheed Wonton Restaurant Port Moody

Lougheed Wonton Restaurant is one of my family’s go-to places for casual eating out. It’s the kind of place that fits the bill on rainy evenings when you cannot be bothered to cook, when you need cheering up with delicious comfort food, and also when you want to celebrate, even if it’s just that the […]

Pasta Polo: Family Dining and Community Vibe

The recent renovations at Pasta Polo, a well-beloved local restaurant in Coquitlam, further enhance the sense of community served up with every dish. Don’t start panicking if it’s your favourite place for eating out. Although the new décor freshens up the dining room, it’s still the same comfortable and familiar place to bring family, friends, […]

Lunch at Sushi Mori

Sushi Mori Coquitlam

Sushi Mori, located on the corner of Barnet Highway and Falcon Drive in Coquitlam, has recently undergone some changes. Their food is now a little cheaper, and their menu a little more expansive. If my recent lunch visit is any indication those changes have had the desired effect, as the place was packed just after […]

Soup Plus Personality

Soup Plus Coquitlam

Coquitlam restaurant Soup Plus features…wait for it…soup! With the ‘plus’ of ‘Soup Plus’ being sandwiches, the menu is simple and straightforward. If you’re in need of lunch it may be just the ticket. Mixed Reviews Online for Coquitlam Restaurant I dropped in to Soup Plus on a Saturday afternoon for lunch with the family, and […]

A Little Bit of Italian Flavour with Pasta Polo

Pasta Polo Coquitlam Restaurant

What exactly is Pasta Polo? Many have probably heard of it, but because it isn’t a chain you may not know what to expect. Visiting the Coquitlam restaurant at its Barnet Highway location for the first time, to my surprise I discovered that Pasta Polo is a wonderful medium-sized restaurant where organic and pasta can […]

Coquitlam Restaurant: Big River Restaurant and Tap House

Big River Restaurant and Tap House Coquitlam Zone Bowling Centre

Something Unique I always enjoy finding something a little unique and Big River Restaurant and Taphouse in Coquitlam is different from many of the pubs and restaurants in the Tri-Cities. They provide fresh handcrafted beer as well as a full family restaurant experience. Located on Schoolhouse Street near Lougheed Highway, you can drop in for […]

Port Coquitlam’s Wilbur & Sabastian’s: Local, Slow-Cooked Cuisine

Wilbur and Sabastian's Port Coquitlam

Locally Sourced Cuisine Restaurants always earn bonus points with me when they offer locally-sourced cuisine and different dietary options on their menu. A friend recently recommended a Port Coquitlam restaurant that offers both, Wilbur & Sabastian’s Smokehouse & Bistro. If it wasn’t pointed out to me, I don’t think I would have ever noticed it. It […]

Port Moody’s Caffé Divano: So Much More than Coffee

Caffe Divano Port Moody

Caffé Divano has long been a favourite stop for the V3H-ers. Today, we’re publishing a review of this Port Moody restaurant from our new contributor Tamara Elias Guerra. Off the Beaten Path Nestled in Klahanie’s urban setting of townhouses and condo buildings is a hidden gem called Caffé Divano; a unique, local coffee shop that’s […]

Chapandaz Offers Afghan Cuisine and a Warm Welcome

Chapandaz Restaurant Port Moody

Today we’re excited to publish the first article from one of our new contributors, Lina Kunina, who’s reviewing Port Moody restaurant Chapandaz. Lina is a local high school student, as well as a talented writer. Read about her, and everyone else who’s involved with TheV3H.com, on our About page. Like Coming Home You push the […]

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