Links: The End of an Era

Lou Sekora Coquitlam retirement

Well the 2014 civic election is in the books. After many weeks of campaigning, door knocking, going to all candidates meetings, and listening to all of our complaints about sorting our recycling – I want to thank every candidate who ran for office. It’s not easy to put yourself out there, and it’s certainly harder […]

TriCityVotes: Mayoral Debates and Advance Polls Mayoral Debates Coquitlam Port Moody

Civic Election 2014 is coming on November 15th. The election signs are proliferating and the all-candidates meetings are taking place. When it comes to elections, it’s best to vote early and vote often. Well, maybe just the early part. Visit to find out the advance poll times for every municipality in the Tri-Cities. Coquitlam […]

All-Candidates Meetings in the Tri-Cities 2014

All Candidates Meetings 2014 Coquitlam Port Moody Port Coquitlam Tri-Cities

Civic Elections are happening across BC on November 15th. With so many candidates running for so many different positions, how do you choose who you’re going to vote for? One way of course is to go to If you’d like to see the candidates in action and in person, there are numerous all-candidates meetings […]

Links: And They’re Off!

Coquitlam Port Moody Mayor Race 2014

We’re two months away from the 2014 Civic Election. Always a fun time for me and maybe around 20% of you. It’s early days, but we’re already gearing up for some interesting races. In Coquitlam former mayor and longtime councillor Lou Sekora is going to run for mayor against Richard Stewart. I for one can’t […]

Links: New Craft Brews and Fun in the Tri-Cities Sun

Summer Fun Tri-Cities

Coquitlam’s new garbage system rolled out at the beginning of the month, and things are running fairly smoothy. The main issue so far seems to be people forgetting to unclip the little bear locks on the green waste bins. If you’re having issues or would like some more information, there is a garbage collection workshop […]

Port Moody House Size and Height Meeting Tonight

Port Moody House Height Meeting

There has been a discussion brewing around Port Moody of what it means to be a “good neighbour”. Specifically, should your neighbours have the right to restrict the height of the house you are building? I made my feelings about the subject known in what turned out to be a controversial post. Tonight it’s the […]

What’s Happening in the Tri Cities: Get Your Thinking Caps on for the Salmon

Forest and Fjord Belcarra History

What’s it to be this week – a year with a frog, forests or fjords, or maybe smooth African rhythms? Tri Cities peeps – you are spoiled for activities and enrichment this week. And you have an awesome opportunity to help out your local environment – think deeply. More events in The V3H Events Calendar. […]

The School Board is a mess, and it’s our fault

School District 43 Coquitlam

So let’s start with the thesis the School District 43 school board is a complete mess. Last year the district ended up with an $8 million dollar deficit, which led to around 142 job losses for teachers and support staff. KPMG came to the conclusion that the leadership of the school district could use someone […]

The International Day of the Nacho > Coquitlam By-Election

International Day of the Nacho

There were two things I wanted to write about today, neither having anything to do with the other. But that’s not gonna stop me. First of all, we love the mighty nacho here at TheV3H. In fact, we have slowly been making our way through all the cheesy goodness the Tri-Cities has to offer on […]

Links: Countdown to Coquitlam By-Election 2013

Coquitlam By-Election 2013

We’re counting down to the Coquitlam City By-Election this Saturday, October 26th. As we mentioned in our post last week, there will be two more advance poll. This Wednesday at the Poirier Community Centre, and this Friday at the Pinetree Community Centre. A few places for more by-election info. Last Wednesday and Thursday were the […]

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