Life with Dog: The Dog Patch Kennels and Daycare

The Dog Patch

Dog owners all know that day-to-day life is much better with a four-legged friend, although there are some things that make it easier. In February this year, I pulled together a list of dog daycares and boarding kennels in the Tri Cities to help owners. Smart move, as by April we had a dog once […]

Pet Pastries in Port Moody at Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery Port Moody

In a quiet corner of Suter Brook, there’s a cool new hangout; when you walk in the door, everyone knows your name … as long as you come in with your ID tags, know how to woof and are covered in fur, even if it’s just a few tufts. Three Dog Bakery Port Moody has […]

Port Moody Date Night with Dog: A True Story

Dog activities Port Moody

The nights are getting warmer and longer, and soon evenings will be the most pleasant time of day to be out and about once more. Take advantage of what the neighbourhood has to offer with your SO and your furry pal. Port Moody peeps – it’s time for date night with dog! Three Dog Bakery […]

Doggy Daycare in the Tri-Cities

We’re headed to Dogsville – it’s coming up this year for sure. We moved from our townhouse just before Christmas, into a detached house – yes, one with a decent fenced backyard and a garden that goes all the way round. In other words, after a gap of almost ten years without one, we’re ready […]

Adopt a Cat with Home for the Holidays


During the holiday season, friends and family gather to celebrate and to enjoy each other’s company. But what about our four-legged feline friends that don’t have a warm place to call home? That’s the question that Coquitlam Animal Shelter staff and volunteers would like us to ponder. “Our animal shelter has dozens of wonderful cats […]

Dog Parks in the Tricities

Photo by John Biehler Visit any park in the V3H and you’re sure to see a dog or fifteen. We love our furry friends, and who can blame us? Dogs make wonderful companions. However, problems can sometimes arise when dogs and people interact. I have two small children, and so I am always a little […]

Cat Crisis at the Coquitlam Shelter

The Coquitlam animal shelter is experiencing a cat crisis this summer. The shelter has room for up to 25 cats, but as of the end of July the occupancy was far above that. So the shelter is calling on area residents to consider adopting or fostering one of these furry felines by declaring August ‘Cat […]

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