Pasta Polo: Family Dining and Community Vibe

The recent renovations at Pasta Polo, a well-beloved local restaurant in Coquitlam, further enhance the sense of community served up with every dish. Don’t start panicking if it’s your favourite place for eating out. Although the new décor freshens up the dining room, it’s still the same comfortable and familiar place to bring family, friends, […]

A Little Bit of Italian Flavour with Pasta Polo

Pasta Polo Coquitlam Restaurant

What exactly is Pasta Polo? Many have probably heard of it, but because it isn’t a chain you may not know what to expect. Visiting the Coquitlam restaurant at its Barnet Highway location for the first time, to my surprise I discovered that Pasta Polo is a wonderful medium-sized restaurant where organic and pasta can […]

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