(Not So) Secret Cycles

Secret Cycles exterior

Observant residents will have noticed a new outdoor store in town. Secret Cycles has moved from its oh-so-secret location tucked away off Barnet Highway in Coquitlam to a brand new, highly visible store in Port Moody on St. John’s Street, just in time for the start of cycling season. Canny commuters and weekend warriors will […]

Wheel to Heal Coming May 16th

The Tricities is a great place for bike riders of all ages, why not do it for a good cause? The Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation is hosting the second annual Wheel to Heal on May 16th. Wheel to Heal was launched by the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation as a new way to raise money for […]

Trials Riding in Port Moody

The Port Moody Trials Park is where some of the best mountain bikers in the world can be found.

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