Turning your back on ice cream … the Shoreline Trail to Old Orchard Park

Destination hikes, with refreshments and entertainment waiting for you and your weary family in the last few steps are a great idea but don’t get into the habit; you could miss out on some lovely local routes. Why bring the kids up to believe that there’s an ice cream parlour over the brow of every […]

Old Orchard Park

Old Orchard Park, Port Moody

A play park – with swings, a climbing frame, sandpit, wobbly bridge … and a beach? Yes, dear parents – Port Moody has it all. A genuine play park for children and families, only a few steps from a cozy beach of almost-golden sand. And thankfully, that sand is once again open for business. Old […]

Can you Swim on that Beach? Find Out!

Water Quality Port Moody

The last week or so hasn’t been a great one for our local beaches. Elevated E.coli levels have closed the beaches at Old Orchard Park and Barnet Marine Park. It’s also making a visit to Rocky Point Park or a walk along the Shoreline Trail a little less attractive, even if you weren’t planning on […]

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