Threats Help Nobody, Port Moody Council

Port Moody Council wants to close local streets to outside traffic

Confession: while Jon and I created, we don’t actually live in the V3H. We actually live in Coquitlam, less than a kilometer from the Port Moody border, not far from Eagle Ridge Hospital. Jon chose the name “The V3H” because we work, shop, play and volunteer in Port Moody, and also because he liked […]

Port Moody Council fuming over Murray-Clarke Connector

The fabled Murray-Clarke Connector on the west side of Port Moody has been a sore point with Port Moody Council almost since the completion of the CPR. In 1983 the province thought it would be a good idea to widen the route to 4 lanes to accomodate increasing traffic. Today in 2010 there are a […]

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