Christmas Lights in the Tri-Cities 2013

Christmas is almost here, and one of my favourite family activities of the holiday season is touring around looking at Christmas lights. While I didn’t even get it together to get up lights on my house this year, many of our fellow citizens needed serious extra electrical service to power their spectacular light displays. To […]

Christmas Lights in the Tri-Cities


I’m a sucker for great light displays. Perhaps is memories of driving around with my parents looking at light displays when I was a kid. Perhaps it’s my appreciation of all the wiring and geekiness of the new-fangled computer controlled displays. But probably most of all, now I take my kids and watch their eyes […]

Christmas Lights Map

One of the best things about the Christmas season here in the V3H is all the great Christmas lights displays. Most of us are content to put up a string of lights and call it a day, but some people really get into it and create truly spectacular displays. Many of these homeowners will collect […]

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