16th Annual Hyde Creek Salmon Festival

Hyde Creek Salmon Festival 2015

Each fall from October to December, the Coho and Chum salmon make marathon journeys from the ocean back to Hyde Creek. They are coming back to their birthplace to lay and fertilize their eggs. It is the end of these spawning salmons’ lifespans. Celebrating the return of the salmon and their amazing life-cycle, a Port […]

Release the Fish in Hyde Creek

Hyde Creek Watershed Society

The Hyde Creek Watershed Society in Port Coquitlam works to preserve and enhance fish and wildlife in the Hyde Creek Watershed. Over their 12 year history they’ve had about 60 volunteer members working with them. They also engage in the greater community by participating in local activities and events to promote an understanding of our […]

Terry Fox Hometown Run 2010

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since Terry Fox first dipped his toe in the Atlantic Ocean and began the Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox set off to run across Canada with the goal to raise a dollar for every one of Canada’s 24 million citizens for cancer research. To date, close to $500 […]

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