Enjoy Some Winter Pampering

Spa Pampered Tri-Cities

You wouldn’t know it with the weather we’ve been having, but it’s still winter in the Tri-Cities. With spring in the air, though, many of us are shedding our winter coats and looking forward to warmer days ahead. If you’ve had a stressful winter – and your skin, hair and muscles bear the signs – […]

Meet Your Health Goals at Healing Cedar Wellness

Healing Cedar Wellness Port Moody

2015 is now more than two weeks old, and many of us are struggling to meet those health goals we set with such optimism back on New Year’s Eve. If you need a helping hand, you might want to check out Healing Cedar Wellness in Port Moody. Healing Cedar Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic that […]

Can you Swim on that Beach? Find Out!

Water Quality Port Moody

The last week or so hasn’t been a great one for our local beaches. Elevated E.coli levels have closed the beaches at Old Orchard Park and Barnet Marine Park. It’s also making a visit to Rocky Point Park or a walk along the Shoreline Trail a little less attractive, even if you weren’t planning on […]

Arnica Clinic: Give Your Body a Second Chance!

Arnica Clinic Coquitlam

With the start of the New Year, many of us chose to live a healthier lifestyle as one of our resolutions. Whether it was weight loss, self-improvement, or trying to live a more stress free life, the task of actually fulfilling our goals has likely already fallen by the wayside. Fortunately for us, Arnica Clinic […]

Links: Chris Wilson Gets NDP Nomination In Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

Chris Wilson BC NDP Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

Chris Wilson, former Olympic wrestler and executive director of KidSport Tri-Cities has won the BC NDP nomination for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. This was going to be one of the more interesting nomination contests, with former D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley and former Coquitlam councillor and mayoral candidate Barrie Lynch also in the running. Seems people are lining […]

Tri-Cities Fitness: Spicing Things up with Polenastics

Pole Dancing Tri-Cities

When I showed up at Bodies by London in Port Moody on a recent Saturday morning to take a class with Polenastics, I was nervous. I am a suburban mother of two in her mid-30s. I am not as bendy or thin as I once was. But I decided that I was game to try […]

What’s Up in the Tri-Cities: Ethan Claymore, Impromtu + More!

Stage 43 Ethan Claymore Coquitlam Evergreen Cultural Centre

What:Â Good Riddance:Â Showing Clutter the Door When: Thursday, October 13 from 7:00-8:30pm Where: Coquitlam Library – City Centre [map] The skinny:Â Organization experts Heather Knittel and Susan Borax are the authors of Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door, which identifies the top 100 house-cluttering culprits most deserving of eviction, and how to send them […]

Integrated Workshop on Pre-Natal Health

Pre-Natal Workshop in Port Moody

Dr. Amanda Svendsen is a Naturopathic Doctor and an advertiser here on the V3H. She grew up and trained in the Lower Mainland, and now she has a family practice in Port Moody treating patients of all ages. She has a special interest in pre- and post-natal care, though, and who can blame her? Pregnancy […]

Port Moody’s Community Wellness Fair

Port Moody Wellness Fair

Spring is here in full force. With the improving weather, a lot of us start to think about getting outside and getting active. If you’d like to make a change in your life, you might want to check out Port Moody’s first annual Community Wellness Fair. The free event happens on Saturday April 2 from […]

Running in the V3H

This is a guest post from Mojgan Fay. Aside from waxing poetic about all things chocolate, lemon, and sweet, Mojgan’s passion lies in making ice cream, mixing non-traditional flavours, and baking! Her foodist ambitions have made running, golfing, and yoga a daily necessity. Find her on Twitter at twitter.com/somethinglemon A recent listen to CBC’s Definitely […]

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