Hike for Hospice 2015

Hike for Hospice 2015

Lace up your walking shoes, because the Hike for Hospice is happening this weekend! Hikers, ramblers, and wanderers are all welcome to join the Crossroads Hospice Society for the 13th annual walk. The national pledge-based family event takes place on the first Sunday of May, raises funds to support people living with a terminal illness […]

Crossroads Hospice Labyrinth Healing Garden

Crossroads Hospice Healing Garden Port Moody

Although walking round in circles is usually seen as a sign of being lost, here in Port Moody we have a different reason for circumambulation. To find it, cut across Pioneer Park between the library and Newport Village and into a tiny oasis of greenery next to busy Ioco Road. On the gate posts to […]

Local Event: Hike for Hospice

Hike For Hospice 2012 Crossroads Hospice Society

Crossroads Hospice Society is participating in the 10th Annual Hike for Hospice on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Hikers, walkers and ramblers are all invited to join in with participants all across Canada. This family-friendly local event raises funds to support people living with a terminal illness, as well as their friends and families. All funds […]

Links – The Day After The Biggest Game Ever

Buntzen Lake photo courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/revertebrate/1512863847/

I had a different intro for this written yesterday. After the events of last night, I am so disheartened by the black eye our city has once again taken that it didn’t seem appropriate. So here are the links from a happier time… Port Moody-Westwood MP James Moore is unimpressed with the lack of progress […]

Clever Cupcakes supports Crossroads Hospice

I have to admit, I love a good cupcake. When hauling around a cake seems like too much work, and you have that hankering for something with plenty of icing, the cupcake hits the spot. Nothing makes my 2-year old more excited than the prospect of a cupcake. So when local cupcake purveyors Clever Cupcakes […]

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