Jay Peachy’s Great Barter Build

Jay Peachy Swap

Canadian bartering community Swapsity is joining forces with an Anmore artist intent on using his passion for barter to build his eco-friendly home. Jay Peachy, an environmental advocate and self-proclaimed “bartermaniac”, is relying on the power of swap for his “Great Barter Build” project using reclaimed and traded materials. His mission will also be captured […]

Noons Creek Bridge Construction Update – Sept 7

Hot off the press from the City of Port Moody Noons Creek Bridge Traffic Update – Tuesday September 7, 2010 – 5pm Engineering staff at the City of Port Moody are continuing to work closely with contractors, Graham Infrastructure, to replace the old Noons Creek Bridge. During construction, Ioco Road has been reduced to single-lane […]

Mary Hill Bypass on-ramp to Highway 1 closed starting Friday

All levels of government in the Tricites have been in quite the bridge building frenzy. The Golden Ears Bridge last June, The Pitt River Bridge in January, the Coast Meridian Overpass last month, and underway is the construction of the Port Mann Bridge. The new Port Mann will be 10 lanes wide, and with upgrades […]

Moody Street Overpass Opens Friday Morning

The day is finally here, the Moody Street Overpass is ready to fully reopen to traffic. Here’s the note from the City. The single-lane counter-flow system that has been in place on the damaged Moody Street Overpass for the last few weeks will revert back to the normal two-way traffic flow starting Friday July 31, […]

Moody Street Overpass Update

Anyone who’s driven around Port Moody in the past few weeks is painfully aware that on June 24 the Moody Street overpass was hit by a truck. The hydraulic lift arm of the truck was extended and acted as a battering ram against the east girder – a structural beam just below the railing. On […]

Moody Street Overpass Counterflow Starts Monday

The City of Port Moody has issued an update about the Moody Street Overpass. They are going to a counterflow system during the morning and evening rush as they work on fixing it. Starting Monday June 29, single-lane counterflow traffic will be implemented across the damaged Moody St Overpass. From 5am to 12pm (noon) there […]

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