Links – The Day After The Biggest Game Ever

Buntzen Lake photo courtesy

I had a different intro for this written yesterday. After the events of last night, I am so disheartened by the black eye our city has once again taken that it didn’t seem appropriate. So here are the links from a happier time… Port Moody-Westwood MP James Moore is unimpressed with the lack of progress […]

Buntzen Lake Beach Flooded on TheV3H TV

Buntzen Lake in Anmore is missing a very popular feature, the beach. BC Hydro is replacing a turbine in the power station there, and won’t be able to let water run though the dam throughout the summer. So the lake is being allowed to fill up to the point of covering most of the beach. […]

Buntzen Lake: A Great Tri-Cities Getaway

I have been pretty grumpy lately. We all have times like that in our lives when nothing seems to be going our way. But I’ve discovered that one sure-fire way to turn my bad mood around is to get out of the house and into nature with the kids. If I can also cool off […]

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