Noons Creek Bridge Construction Update – Sept 7

Hot off the press from the City of Port Moody Noons Creek Bridge Traffic Update – Tuesday September 7, 2010 – 5pm Engineering staff at the City of Port Moody are continuing to work closely with contractors, Graham Infrastructure, to replace the old Noons Creek Bridge. During construction, Ioco Road has been reduced to single-lane […]

Moody Street Overpass Work Continues

Work continues this week on the Moody Street Overpass. Last week the City of Port Moody sent us some more pictures and an update on the progress of construction. The damaged girder has to be retrofitted with new steel reinforcements and concrete; concrete was cast on July 14 and is presently curing. An additional steel […]

Moody Street Overpass and Golden Spike Days

Tense moments this week as a garbage truck slammed into the Moody Street Overpass, taking a sizable chunk of the bridge out and creating traffic gridlock throughout Port Moody. Luckily nobody was hurt, but this critical road link is leaving a lot of people and events scrambling to put new plans into action. On Friday, […]

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