Links – You Want Evergreen Line Parking!

Now that we’re all finished with our extended Turkey Nap from the holiday season, let’s dive into the links from around the Tri-Cities and beyond this week. The South Fraser Blog, a site dedicated to all things transportation, reveals to us the results of the Evergreen Line public consultation report. It seems what people are […]

Coquitlam Farmer’s Market Opens Pocket Market in Port Moody

The Coquitlam Farmers Market is expanding with a smaller market in Port Moody

We’ve got new MLAs!

The Tricities have new MLAs after the provincial election. But nobody came to vote, what can be done about it?

Election Day Tomorrow – A Rough Field Guide

Everything you need to know to vote in tomorrow’s Provincial Election.

The Single Transferable Vote

Who better to explain the Single Transferable Vote than my wife Amber, the math wiz? You can see the rest of her excellent blog at, or follow her on Twitter. Here’s the explanation of the STV, which actually makes me more undecided than ever, and I’m never an “undecided” voter… We have a provincial […]

All-Candidates Meetings in the Tricities

Aah, the All-Candidates Meeting. One of the time-honoured rights of passage for a political candidate, and one of the only ways for the public to come out and actually see who they are voting for. With the forthcoming election not really being in much doubt at this point, there might be a distinct lack of […]

BC Election Time, and the fun of the fixed election date

BC is heading for an election, did the fixed election date matter?

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