What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: “Weird Al” Yankovic, MS Walk, Healthy Kids Fair and More!

Weird Al Yankovic Coquitlam

Things might get a little goofy this weekend in the Tri-Cities with “Weird Al” Yankovic in town.  So grab your Hawaiian shirt, frizz out that hair and tap into your inner goofiness.  Or if that’s not your thing, there are other events happening that will entertain you as well, with no Hawaiian shirt required!  Music, […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: Deep Water, Big Band Jazz, Ascension and More!

Carmen Aguirre Salon Speakers Series Place Des Arts

With Sunflowers, Weddings and Dirt popping up this week in our list of events happening in the Tri-Cities, spring MUST be in the air!  Lots of things happening to keep us busy as those days start getting longer.  And now that winter is about to be all but a memory, the Port Moody Farmers Market […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: April Wine, ArtWalk, Leave it to Cleavage and More!

Leave it to Cleavage Evergreen Cultural Centre Coquitlam

Take a step back into time this weekend with an appearance by April Wine, music from the Rat Pack and some laughs from a couple of 1950’s housewives.  Or jump forward to the present and take in a ballet, attend Port Moody’s annual ArtWalk or if you are a bride or groom-to-be, there is a […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: Sylvia Browne, Quiz Night and More!

Shari Pratt Lost and Found Place Des Arts Coquitlam

What is happening this weekend?  Check out the events below.  What is happening next year?  I have no idea but a special guest visiting the Tri-Cities this weekend might be able to answer that for you; psychic Sylvia Browne will be in town to inform, enlighten and maybe even freak you out a bit.  Need […]

Port Moody’s Rubens Chocolate

Stop! Walk away from that shelf of boxed chocolate-flavoured bunnies.  Have you read the ingredients on those?  They might be nicely packaged and have cute candy eyes, but if you saw what they’re really made of, you might think twice about letting your kids eat them this Easter season.  And trust me, there are way […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: Easter, Fashion, Music Mornings and More!

Musical Mornings Evergreen Cultural Centre Coquitlam Sarah Hagen

It is Easter Weekend coming up but I’m sure everyone is well aware of that, counting down the days until this long weekend.  It’s a quiet week in the Tri-Cities, probably to give time for those family gatherings but there are a few events to keep you busy.  You will want to check out our […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: The Man in Black, Sunday Coffee Concert, The Kerplunks and More!

Earth Hour Port Coquitlam

Enjoy the weekend with some live jazz music at the final installment of the Sunday Coffee Concert Series.  Perhaps you enjoy a bit more country;  then there is a unique movie and concert event honouring the late Johnny Cash.  Or support some local students as they perform at Crossroads Coffeehouse this week.  There’s a PoMo […]

Opening Night Review of “The 39 Steps” at Evergreen

The 39 Steps Evergreen Cultural Centre Coquitlam

The 39 Steps – From Hollywood to Evergreen Spies. Murder. Mystery.  All the elements for a great movie.  And it was, back in 1935.  Alfred Hitchcock based his movie, “The 39 Steps” from John Buchan’s novel of the same name.  Now take that story and adapt it for a live theatre production.  Would it work?  […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: PMFS 13th Annual Canadian Film Festival, Gordon Lightfoot, Moose in a Top Hat and More!

St Patricks Day Coquitlam 2013

It must be St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend and the little green guy must have invited all his eccentric friends to the party.  A spy, a raven, a monkey king, Gordon Lightfoot, the “Rolling Stones” and a moose in a top hat are just some of the guests that will bestow upon the […]

What’s Happening in the Tri-Cities: Hot Flash Havoc, PoCo’s 100th Birthday, La Diva Malbouffa, Imagine 2013, and More!

Imagine 2013 Share Society Port Moody

It’s time to Party!  PoCo is 100 years old and that’s reason to celebrate tomorrow with a variety of free events that will be going on and a Black-Tie optional gala to wrap things up tomorrow night.  Support SHARE this weekend at their annual fundraising gala or take the family to see the opera-singing, junk […]

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