Get your Kids Involved with Arts at Michaels

Saturday and Sunday can be two of the most fun days or two of the most dreaded days for parents. It all depends on how well you plan ahead. And the weather. Really, it’s mostly the weather. If you have procrastinated on signing your kids up for fun and exciting activities every day for the […]

Grow your own Bob the Builder at Home Depot

Bob the builder; can we fix it? Bob the builder; yes we can! If you don’t know the song, you should go watch the cartoon ‘Bob the Builder’ now. Right now! Or else you won’t quite know what I’m talking about for the next few hundred words. Those of you familiar with Bob and his group […]

Find Inner Peace at Cloud 9 Float Spa

As life gets busy, sometimes all you want to do is float away to an isolated island for a couple of days. While that isn’t really a feasible idea, Cloud 9 Float Spa gives us the opportunity to float in a pod of water and relax. The spa uses special float tanks that isolate you from the […]

Arnica Clinic: Give Your Body a Second Chance!

Arnica Clinic Coquitlam

With the start of the New Year, many of us chose to live a healthier lifestyle as one of our resolutions. Whether it was weight loss, self-improvement, or trying to live a more stress free life, the task of actually fulfilling our goals has likely already fallen by the wayside. Fortunately for us, Arnica Clinic […]

Stretching in Port Moody with Yogalates

The summer is almost here. It’s the time when the weather and your mood are best fit for exercising and taking a better care of yourself. With increased exercise comes increased muscle pain and fatigue. A great way to stretch your muscles is to join a yogalates class. Yogalates is a fun way to re-energize […]

Bayshore Floral and Gift Gallery

Bayshore Floral Port Moody

In the heart of Suter Brook Village you’ll find a small shop. The sign at the top isn’t flashy, and to the naked eye it may seem like it’s not worth venturing inside. If you do decide to stop in, though, you’ll find something that surpasses your expectations. When you enter the store, you open […]

Daffodil Day at Lafarge Lake

Daffodil Day Coquitlam

Those of you who braved the wet rainy weather and went for a walk around Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam on Saturday, April 27, 2013 might have seen tents and umbrellas with the Canadian Cancer Society Logo. This was an event organized by the Cancer Awareness Clubs in Port Moody, Centennial and Riverside Secondary Schools to […]

English Practice in the Tri-Cities

English Practice Groups Port Moody Port Coquitlam Coquitlam

The Tri-Cities are a place where families who are new to Canada settle and flourish. Sometimes new arrivals also bring family members over from other parts of the world to live with them. These family members often don’t speak English, but fortunately here in the Tri-Cities different services are available to help. One such service […]

Girls Night Out 2013: Support Port Moody Arts Centre

Girls Night Out Port Moody Arts Centre 2013

Are you planning to spend the time with your girlfriends any time soon? Are you looking for something fun to do? Are you thinking of celebrating a birthday or special event, and you want something original? Would you like to support local arts and culture? On Friday, April 19, 2013, the Port Moody Arts Centre […]

Adventures into the Indian Tea Culture

Soko Tea Port Moody

In the heart of Newport Village sits a small, almost imperceptible tea shop called SOKO Tea House. Getting an Education in Tea If you read TheV3H regularly, you’ve probably already seen this tea shop being reviewed before; so why would we review it again? Well… I want to talk about something else. This isn’t just a tea […]

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