Life with Dog: The Dog Patch Kennels and Daycare

The Dog Patch

Dog owners all know that day-to-day life is much better with a four-legged friend, although there are some things that make it easier. In February this year, I pulled together a list of dog daycares and boarding kennels in the Tri Cities to help owners. Smart move, as by April we had a dog once […]

All About Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Life is full of questions – where do socks go missing in the dryer? How do I eat that last square of chocolate before the kid finds me? Is it really only four-hour parking at Rocky Point (yes, it is). And what does a registered massage therapist do? Hint – it’s not scented candles and […]

DIY Vintner, or Places to Make Your Own Wine in the Tri-Cities

Wine spilling

Home-made wine always conjured up images from my childhood of harvesting peapods, demijohns bubbling quietly in the airing cupboard, alcohol explosions, and going to school in clothes smelling not-so-faintly of booze. In my experience, UK home brewing was a niche hobby with variable outcomes. In BC I am still pleasantly surprised – not that homemade […]

Fall Classes to Inspire at Port Moody Arts Centre

Port Moody Arts Centre Fall 2015

The new school year brings opportunities to all. With the kids going back to class, it’s time for young and old to think about taking up a new hobby or trying out a new activity. Check out what the Arts Centre in Port Moody is offering – there are a number of new classes this […]

Around My House Consignment

Around My House Consignment Port Moody

Reduce – reuse – recycle applies to kitting out your house here too in the Tri Cities. Around My House Consignment on St. Johns Street in Port Moody has been relocating gently loved house treasures for more than fifteen years now, helping home decoration enthusiasts find new-to-you home décor items with that eco touch. The […]

Summer Bucket List for the Tri-Cities

Summer Bucket List Tri-Cities 2015

Summer is here, yet again, and without some planning ahead most of us can reach Labour Day wondering how we missed so many seasonal events. Here’s my bucket list for summer in the Tri-Cities – these are the things I will not miss this summer, as I have each summer before. Cinema Under the Stars […]

Pet Pastries in Port Moody at Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery Port Moody

In a quiet corner of Suter Brook, there’s a cool new hangout; when you walk in the door, everyone knows your name … as long as you come in with your ID tags, know how to woof and are covered in fur, even if it’s just a few tufts. Three Dog Bakery Port Moody has […]

La Boutique Consignment Clothes Shop

La Boutique Consignment Clothes Store Port Moody

Eco-chic is alive and kicking in the Tri Cities; stores like Value Village, SHARE and the Crossroads Hospice Shop making thrift shopping fun and convenient. But what happens if you want a little more glamour and style along with your environmentally-aware clothes choices? Ladies, and gentlemen too (see below) – I highly recommend visiting La […]

Port Moody Date Night with Dog: A True Story

Dog activities Port Moody

The nights are getting warmer and longer, and soon evenings will be the most pleasant time of day to be out and about once more. Take advantage of what the neighbourhood has to offer with your SO and your furry pal. Port Moody peeps – it’s time for date night with dog! Three Dog Bakery […]

Mother’s Day: Give her What She Wants

Mothers Day 2015 Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody

Maybe this year, hold back on the macaroni art or even the Pandora charm bracelet, laptop or apron [note: if you give her an apron, then pity help you for the rest of the year]. Maybe what mom really wants this year is a day off. A proper day off – not one spent doing […]

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