Twin Sails Craft Brewery Opens in Port Moody

Twin Sails Brewing Port Moody Beer

Port Moody – City of Craft Brewers … and a few artists.

Meanwhile, down on brewery row a.k.a Murray Street, Port Moody has welcomed its third craft brewery, Twin Sails. The newest hop meisters have set up shop right beside Yellow Dog, straight across from the newly relocated (and armed) pedestrian crossing from the Rocky Point Park side of the road.

For Port Moody craft brewery regulars, the tasting room is in a reassuringly familiar location – alongside the brewing floor, so visitors can watch the action involved in brewing the drinks they sip. There is some talk that a mezzanine level will open up … stay tuned. Other reassuringly familiar sights include food trucks, friendly and knowledgeable bar staff, growler and boston refills, with no prohibition on bringing ‘rival’ flasks in store; patrons can sit and sup on single drinks or sample flights of whatever is on tap at the moment. Port Moody craft beer fans will feel very comfortable in familiar surroundings and when I visited, it was indeed comfortably full of customers looking comfortable.

But what does make it different?

Well – apart from a rumoured mezzanine, it could be the beer. Twin Sails is taking a German craft beer route to success, focusing on styles popular in and reflective of that country, to set their product apart from their neighbours and from Moody Ales further up the street.

In addition, the tasting room is different. It’s much cozier and less barn-like due to a lower ceiling (the rumoured mezzanine level) compared to the other two brewery tasting rooms. One wall is pleasantly clad in brick, with bookshelves holding a variety of brewing texts, reminding me of Olde English drinking hostelries (but without that awkward silence when the locals spy a stranger). The feel is less industrial although the stainless steel brewing vats are within sight. There’s wifi but I didn’t check for a patio – maybe that will come with warmer weather? Children seem welcome, though parents – please keep them in check so you don’t annoy the young, free and single who apparently move to our fair city for the swinging nightlife.

Being lightweights, mr ebb and I shared a flight – beers on tap included a delightful and fresh IPA, a Hefeweizen (my favourite – do not discontinue this just because it is not summer), a Märzen (a March beer – roll on spring), and a Roggenweizen that reminded me of childhood Spangles sweets. My wee guy downed a Fentimans dandelion and burdock while playing with his iPod (quietly, and in his seat). Overall, the feeling was European – we left with slight pangs of homesickness, in addition to a Märzen and a Hefe. Both traveled well and kept nicely at home in the fridge.

Yes – we will be back. And maybe I’ll be checking it out as a (late) lunch and work spot too!

Next on my review wish list – a distillery (gin or vodka, not fussy) and a good café near the breweries. Wishful thinking? probably, but Santa – I’ve been ever so good 😉

Twin Sails Brewing

2821 Murray Street, Port Moody | 604.492.4234 |

You can also check them out on Instagram:

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