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Vigour Health Beauty Port Moody

Alfred Lam was a successful business and sales consultant. Then one day a friend asked if he was satisfied with his job. Lam realized he wanted to do something worth doing. He had an interest in health and wellness, so he began visiting vitamin and supplement stores and found many of them overwhelming and confusing. So, three years ago, Lam opened Vigour Health and Beauty in Newport Village in Port Moody.

He set out to provide alternative and holistic wellbeing and beauty products and chose Port Moody for its health-conscious and open-minded population. Lam purposely organized his small store in sections that would be easy for his customers to navigate. He handpicks his products, many from small Canadian suppliers such as Naturally Nova Scotia. He tries to choose unique products that he believes in like Liquid Light, a mineral complex that aids in the absorption and assimilation of all other nutrients, and Mushroom Coffee, a brain boosting combination of Lion’s Mane mushrooms and coffee. He also ensures his staff are trained to help his customers, although it is a rare day that you won’t find Lam in the store ready to answer your questions.

Vigour Health and Beauty in New Port Village

Vigour Health and Beauty in New Port Village

His curiosity is what makes Lam so special. He is not satisfied to know that a certain supplement will help a certain symptom. He wants to know why and how, often spending two or three hours each night researching the newest science and research on how the body works and the best supplements for a healthy body. He likens our health to car maintenance; if you don’t change the oil and fill the tires regularly that car might be okay driving short distances each day. But if you take it on the Coquihalla, the poorly maintained car will probably let you down. Lam wants us all to pay attention to the basic maintenance of our bodies before the breakdown. As his business slogan says, “Life is given…lifestyles are chosen.”

His inquisitiveness leads him to help many of his customers because he takes the time to ask the questions and discover the best possible solution for them. It is not hard to find a loyal Vigour customer. And when he doesn’t know the answer, he finds the expert who does. Lam runs monthly seminars with local professionals such as naturopaths and holistic pharmacists. A wide range of topics is covered such as asthma, menopause, and skin health. The upcoming seminar on October 23, 2015 features one-on-one consultations with skin health experts.

So is Lam satisfied with his job now? “If I can help one person who is sick feel better, it makes my heart feel good.” Even if you don’t need a bottle of Tart Cherry Tumeric and Ginger Tonic, pop in to Vigour Health and Beauty for a chat with Lam, his friendly enthusiasm is one of the best tonics around.

Vigour Health and Beauty

253 Newport Drive, Port Moody

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