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Place Des Arts Adult Classes 2015

If you’ve spent the last few weeks of summer vacation getting everyone else in the family ready for the new school year with new pencils and after school activities, I’m sure you’re also wondering “Vacation? What vacation?” too.

Maybe it’s time to re-energize with a little artistic soul food – take a peek at some of the creative appetizers Place des Arts has in store for the grown-ups this fall.

Pick a pencil, pick a brush

Ever wanted to be an artist but wondered how to get started? Well help is here – instructor Stan Hunc is running two classes for both beginners and those feeling a little rusty. His Painting 101 (course #12863) and Drawing 101 (#12861) classes run from late September until mid-December and will set you on your way to feeling like an accomplished artist in time for Christmas. Stan will teach elements of visual composition, technical aspects of painting, and introduce students to popular drawing media (graphite pencil, charcoal, pen and ink), using a series of dynamic art projects in class to reinforce the practical skills learned in class.

Spin that wheel

Fibre is addictive – ask anyone who knits, weaves or sews. And if you’ve ever watched yarn being spun on a spinning wheel, you’ll know how hypnotic and meditative a process it can be. In Barbara Mitchell’s spinning and dyeing class (various days/times: #12809-12814 inclusive), students learn how to make their own yarns, plying together fibre and exploring a range of dye options to create a rainbow of textiles. The class covers both drop spindle and spinning wheel techniques, with wheels available for students to take home for practice.

Stepping out

In addition to putting some art back in your life, dance classes can also give your overall fitness a boost as well as exercising the mind as you tackle the choreography. They are great ways to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Go on – get those toes tapping! Place des Arts offers several adult dance classes at its main studios and also at the Evergreen Cultural Centre.

Not sure what to focus on? Why not take Lauren Taylor’s Dance Sampler (#12571, #12572) to explore your options. Students can try out various kinds of dance including ballet, jazz and contemporary styles. It’s a great way to find out what feels best for you. If you know you like contemporary, then take part in Kylah Powell’s Fall session classes (#12565, #12566) where styles switch from soft lyrical movement to funky and quirky rhythms.  There’s also a jazz class (#12586) led by Ashley Binette at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. It is suitable for beginners as well as those returning to dance after a gap. Ashley also teaches a tap class at Evergreen (#12589). It is described as a high-energy class that focuses on fundamental tap techniques and developing strength, stability, rhythm, coordination and musicality. Again, this class is suitable for beginners and for those getting back into the swing of the stamp-stomp-kick-shuffle.

All classes feature a warm up session (full cardio for jazz!) in addition to learning the elements specific to that style.

Playtime together

Sometimes sharing a learning experience is just as rejuvenating as taking a solo time out. Textiles instructor Catherine Dumaine is offering a warm and fuzzy, hands-on wet felting workshop for families with little ones 6y and under (#12991). Just in time for Christmas gift-making season, Catherine will help you and yours learn all about the basics in wet felting, so you can make your own beads, flat pieces and vessels. Working with bundles of wet fibre and transforming them into beautiful pieces of art together might be just the soul food your whole family needs.

If you’d like to learn more about these and other classes for adults at Place des Arts, check out these web pages:

Registration can take place online (search for classes using the #course numbers), by phone and in person at Place des Arts.

Classes fill up fast, so don’t delay!

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