Fall Classes to Inspire at Port Moody Arts Centre

Port Moody Arts Centre Fall 2015

The new school year brings opportunities to all. With the kids going back to class, it’s time for young and old to think about taking up a new hobby or trying out a new activity. Check out what the Arts Centre in Port Moody is offering – there are a number of new classes this fall that are sure to engage the whole community. From dance to weaving to creative arts and drama, there is no better time to get involved in making art this season.

Dancers Ahoy!

New instructor Tasha Faye Evans is leading a dance initiative for Home Learners in the area, combining fitness, choreography and an exploration of world dance. The three-part program will finish with a recital performance in the spring. Let’s Dance! has been developed specifically for Home Learning communities in the Lower Mainland to meet the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for the BC grades K-5 curriculum. Dance students will learn about the different elements that make up dance, examining how space, body awareness and force for example each contribute to the art. Working and sharing together, each lesson includes a warm up and cool down as dancers create movement, share stories and create sequences as a community.

Find more classes for Home School learners here.

Creative Arts and Drama Therapy

Long-time arts instructor Gayle Hunter, who also teaches drama and crafts to children as well as her popular Paverpol sculpture workshops for adults, brings two classes this fall, devised specifically to help students (15y+) with learning challenges. Her Creative Art program will help tune fine motor skills through a range of arts and crafts projects introduced each week, while the drama workshop, I’m A Star builds confidence in team work and public speaking. In this class, students work on bringing a folk tale to life, creating costumes, props and script for a final performance.

Traditional Weaving

Want to give your nimble fingers a new challenge? Take a weaving workshop with another instructor new to the arts centre, Wal’aks Keane Tait, and learn about Nisga’a culture as you learn traditional weaving patterns. Students will learn basic Gwiis Maakskw (Raven’s Tail) techniques to create a 3” medicine bag from the instructor, who is a Nisga’a artist and weaver. This workshop takes place over a weekend so remember to pack lunch and snacks to bring with you.

Prep Your Portfolio

Interested in pursuing your dream? Well – here’s where you can take a step to make it happen. Arts instructor Lili Masbough is holding a portfolio workshop to help aspiring arts and architecture students, high school or mature, with preparing this important entry document. Lili can help edit your work, selecting your best pieces to define your potential for selection boards and spotting projects in progress that could be useful to include. There will also be help on writing your student statement and presenting your work either visually or at interview.

Register for all classes online, by callingg the arts centre at 604.931.2008 or visiting in person.

Port Moody Arts Centre

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