The Updated Lions Park is the Place to Play

If you have kids and you haven’t visited Lions Park in Port Coquitlam this summer, you’re missing out. Major renovations were completed this spring and early summer including a new children’s playground, a new washroom, a new promenade pathway and gathering plaza and water spray features. Work is still ongoing on the picnic shelter, which is slated to open in September.

If you visited Lions Park before the renovations you will remember those giant tires that children love to climb on and play inside. The updated playground retained those and made them even better. Plus, it added a whole lot more. There’s a zip line that is proving to be extremely popular. There are swings for big and little kids, plus one of those saucer swings that everyone loves. There’s one of those climbing, spinning, merry-go-round-esque structures. There are slides and musical instruments and climbing structures.

Two of the features that really stand out to me are the sand area and the spray park. The sand area is multi-level, with a pump at the top to funnel water down for building sandcastles. It’s clean and open and inviting and kids from babies on up love it. The spray park is smallish and subdued, and only has features that spray up from the ground. The result is a water play area that is much better for young children than the more boisterous parks at Rocky Point, Blue Mountain or Town Centre. Plus, with the sprays coming only from the ground no one is going to be unexpectedly hit in the face.

With lots of tall trees for shade and some beautiful natural elements incorporated into the playground, Lions Park is a lovely place to while away the day. Or you can make a stop as you wind your way along the Traboulay Trail. You’ll find lots of benches and picnic tables if you fancy a place to sit or snack. The musical play area is constructed so that every note harmonizes, so even when a whole bunch of little kids are banging away it sounds beautiful and enhances the feeling of being there. Sitting there watching my kids play is a lovely experience. Add in the bright, clean new washroom facilities and you have a real winner.

I could go on and on, but you really need to visit for yourself. Need help getting there? Click here. In the meantime, they say a picture is worth a thousand years, and here are a few of mine from a recent visit.

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