Kid Heaven in Eagle Ridge at Sticky’s Candy

Stickys Candy Coquitlam Eagle Ridge

Tucked away behind the 7-11 and the Starbucks in Coquitlam’s Eagle Ridge neighbourhood is a little sweet shop that my kids adore. Adore. It’s a candy store and they’re kids, so no surprise, right? Of course they like it. What surprised me is how much I, as a grown-up, enjoy it.

Sticky’s Candy is a BC franchise with more than a dozen locations spread out across the province. The Coquitlam location is locally-owned and well-managed. They have the sorts of things you would expect – Pez, Jelly Belly jelly beans, fudge, colourful racks of most every kind of candy and candy-themed toys. They also have some unique novelty items: think a whole rack of bacon-flavoured candies.

The store really stands out for me on two fronts. First, I love the bulk bins. Looking for hot lips? Coke bottle gummies? Licorice babies? Jaw breakers? Check out their bulk bins and find yourself transported back to your own childhood. My grandmother used to take me to a fabulous corner store and give me a dollar (back when dollar bills were still made of paper) and I would fill up a little paper bag with so many tasty treats. This is just like that. Domestic candies are all priced at the same rate, so you can mix and match in a single bag to your heart’s content. Just note that once you’ve scooped it from the bin, you’ve bought it – no replacing something you’ve touched.

The second thing I really love about Sticky’s Candy is their selection of imported candies. I have a thing for salty Dutch licorice: they have it. They also have treats from the US and UK, and bulk bins full of imported treasures. Thanks to them I discovered the joys of Australian black licorice and English bon bons. The prices for imported items are more expensive than domestic candy, but a real steal compared to ordering online or actually travelling yourself.

Sticky’s Candy offers a loyalty card program, and often gives you a $5 gift card when you spend a minimum amount of money. The trick works to keep you coming back, but I’m not sure they need it. My family would be there regardless.

Sticky’s Candy is open 11:00am to 6:00pm daily. I advise you to eat before visiting. You’ll still leave with more candy than you intended to, but it may just keep things slightly more manageable.

Sticky’s Candy

1194 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam, 604.474.3210

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