Pet Pastries in Port Moody at Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery Port Moody

In a quiet corner of Suter Brook, there’s a cool new hangout; when you walk in the door, everyone knows your name … as long as you come in with your ID tags, know how to woof and are covered in fur, even if it’s just a few tufts.

Three Dog Bakery Port Moody has been serving up treats to dogs (and cats – pity the kitties) in the Lower Mainland for over ten years. Starting with a franchise in the heart of Kitsilano, it’s now based in Port Moody’s Suter Brook shopping precinct as well as on Main Street, Vancouver. Ingredients are wholesome and the stores are dog-friendly. The Kitsilano store was one of our first stops with our old dog shortly after landing in Vancouver from the UK all those years ago. It’s been a real treat second time around, introducing our new-to-us old fella to our local store. We enjoyed browsing through old favourites like the enormous baked Dino Bones, Pupcakes and Pug-in-a-Blanket.

In addition to fresh-from-the-oven baked treats in a tantalising array of colours, sniffs and shapes, Three Dog Bakery Port Moody also carries a great range of toys and accessories, packaged treats and foods. From collars and leads to squeaky balls, your poochy pal is well catered for. My resident dog walker-in-training has his eye on a squishy treat ball that you can stuff with the mini biscuits sold at the store. He thinks this might just persuade our rescue hound to learn about toys!

Walking in to the Port Moody Three Dog Bakery is a treat for owner and dog alike; the chiller cabinet displays a mouth-watering selection of dog treats that look good enough for humans, and all the hide chews are conveniently at dog level for browsing. There’s no second guessing here – your companion will make their choice quite plain to you.

There’s another great service offered here that helps celebrate the dog in your life. Order a custom celebration cake, from a personalized bone to a full birthday cake complete with your dog’s portrait in icing, to make your event win canine approval. Check out the Facebook page for testimonials from happy customers.

Cats are not forgotten either; even though it’s a haven for doggy delectables, you can still pick up something special for the feline in your life. Mine unreservedly recommends the freeze-dried salmon flakes, which are making accepting dog into her life a little easier.

On our first visit with dog, we came out with a bag of mini cookies for training (and they are working – no more relentless barking at hikers) and a couple of yummy donuts (eaten within seconds). We’ll be back again for more treats.

Three Dog Bakery in Port Moody wins the #bcspcaalumni Rosco seal of approval. Woof!

Three Dog Bakery

#11-201 Morissey Road, Port Moody | 604.469.3647

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