Ode to Eagle Ridge Pool

Eagle Ridge Pool Coquitlam

Little known fact about us is theV3H World Headquarters is located in the Eagle Ridge neighbourhood in Coquitlam. There are many things we love about the area. The central location, the fact we can walk to so many amenities. But near the top of the list once the summer months roll around is Eagle Ridge Pool.

This year the outdoor pool went through an extensive renovation.

  • Repairs to the pool tank including underwater lighting and diving boards
  • New equipment for the chlorine room
  • Renovated lifeguard shack, change rooms, showers
  • New composite decks and chairs
  • New lighting and upgrades throughout the facility
  • Shaw GO Wifi is now available throughout the

The facelift was the first major renovation of the pool since it was opened in 1979. I’ve been there a few times already this year, and it’s a huge improvement. Over 23,000 people visited the pool in 2014. With the $20 summer recreation pass for kids available this year, it’s one of the best recreation values you will find.

Back in May, Coquitlam council debated whether outdoor pools are the best use of tax dollars. The argument against the pools is they can only be used a few months a year and spray parks are cheaper.

For my neighbourhood, Eagle Ridge Pool is the only true community gathering place we have. Most nights after dinner this summer my kids and I will go to the pool. Every time we go we run into families and kids we know from school or from the neighbourhood. As Councillor Reid pointed out, for kids 10 and up, the neighbourhood pool is the city facility that works best for them. While we tend to focus on the costs of running the facility, let’s also think about who benefits from that spending. In a world where the summer job is rapidly disappearing, the pool is one of the few employment options left for young people that works around the school year. Those tax dollars are directly supporting those lifeguards and swim instructors that will pay dividends for all of us down the road as they get an education and a toe hold in the job market.

We spend an awful lot of money on facilities for seniors (because hey, old people vote), but let’s not forget families. Eagle Ridge Pool is the recreation facility my family uses the most by far, and that is true for many of the families in my neighbourhood. I can understand the loss that the people of Maillardville felt when Rochester Pool closed. Spray parks are fine for toddlers, but don’t cut it for anyone else. Let’s keep our youth employed, our neighbourhoods vibrant, and ourselves cool as the mercury rises.

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  1. I cannot agree more. Not just for families, I love to practice my laps there in the summer. I’m so looking forward to an affordable place to swim and would very much support the outdoor pools being open deep into fall (they are heated, after all). I love the indoor pools but for almost $6 per swim, it gets pricey. The around $34 for an adult to swim all summer is very welcome.

    Lovely article, Jon. ;O)