Mother’s Day: Give her What She Wants

Mothers Day 2015 Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody

Maybe this year, hold back on the macaroni art or even the Pandora charm bracelet, laptop or apron [note: if you give her an apron, then pity help you for the rest of the year]. Maybe what mom really wants this year is a day off. A proper day off – not one spent doing all the usual things at the same time as trying to enjoy burnt toast and a Cheerios bracelet.

Hint to family: leave her alone.

And moms, if they do take the hint here are a few ideas in and around the Tri Cities that might help you celebrate the day.


It is impossible to be on duty in a spa, especially if dads solemnly swear not to text about missing socks, baby crying or cat vomit. Moms – little white lie about how long the treatment goes on will help here too. Try Spa Divine, Cloud 9 Float Spa or even an uninterrupted sniff along at Escents in the mall.

Rocky Point Ice Cream

The sheer thrill of being able to choose a favourite flavour uninterrupted … and no juggling multiples while paying, rescuing a sliding disaster, refereeing “she got more than me” fights or having to break off mid-cone for the frantic dash to the washrooms … priceless. Don’t even think taking an ice cream cake back home!

Skate Park and Rotary Bike Trials

No, I’m not kidding. Wouldn’t it be awesome if just for one day, it was the kids trying to stay interested while the moms whooped it up and down the railings, ramps and balance beams? You know you want to!


Drinking coffee at the right temperature is a treat. So is sitting at a table for the entire cup, not retrieving squirmy kids from the floor, visiting the washroom solo, eating all the cake without sharing … reading a newspaper (sigh)all the way through (double sigh).

Best places in the Tri Cities include Caffe Divano, Gallaghers, Creekside Coffee and Originals.


How about Mothers Day brunch at Sasamat Outdoor Centre? Although it is billed as a family affair, there’s a certain thrill in attending solo, or with another mom or two. The expressions on the faces of the family diners should be enough to remind you why you chose the solo option this year. Pancakes? why yes, and don’t go easy with the syrup.

Also – Tea on the Venosta at Port Moody Station Museum; three different sittings, so reserve on all to catch up with every mom friend that you haven’t spent (uninterrupted) time with all year.

Fort Langley

Venture a little further afield – factor in the commute there and back to truly savour the day – but so much to delight the weary mom. Antiques stalls and flea market, coffee shops, cute diner, awesome crepes café, the fort (which you’ve probably never seen without a scavenger hunt in one hand) … andBloom Market is open at the Community Hall, 10am to 5pm (handcrafts, art, artisan ware). Did I mention the hat shop?

… and to finish off, let the family take you out for a meal (no cooking, kids optional, though maybe you’re pining to see them after such a blissful day).

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