The Aroma (Therapy) of Wellness at Escents

The way that a space smells can make a big difference to your mental state. And now that March is here and spring is in the air, I’m feeling ready to clear out the winter doldrums and make way for brighter days. I was excited, then, when I was invited to a media event at the new Escents location in Coquitlam Centre, located on the second floor between Lululemon and Sephora.

escents coquitlam wellness aromatherapyEscents got its start way back in 1992 when founder Jacqui MacNeill had a cart at Lonsdale Quay. The Vancouver-area success story now has 10 stores in BC, one in Alberta, and a thriving online business. Their new space is bright, beautiful and inviting, and whether you’re looking for a seasonal energy boost, suffering from dry skin, on the hunt for a great lip balm, or trying to treat the aches and pains of pregnancy, they’ve got you covered.

Escents carries a range of personal care and wellness products, from shampoo and conditioner, to lotions, to bath bombs, to diffusers, to inhalers, to body scrubs and a whole lot more, their range is extensive. They also offer a wide variety of essential oils and essential oil blends, both on their own and in their products, so that you can get just the scent you’re looking for. In fact, the centrepiece of their new store is the Blending Bar, which allows you to create your own custom aroma blend. You can then add your blend to their 16 different unscented products.

escents coquitlam wellness aromatherapyThe aromatherapy oils at Escents are all plant-based. This means they’re free of artificial fragrances, which often contain harmful chemicals like phthalates, synthetic dyes and parabens. Their products all use 100% naturally derived ingredients, and they’re biodegradable, gluten free and mineral oil free. Most products are also vegan. This means that aromatherapy is much safer than most fragrances, which is increasingly important now that so many people suffer from chemical sensitivities that can be triggered by perfumes. You can see for yourself, and unwind from your shopping, in their Aromascape experiential area, which allows you enjoy scents in 10 different diffusers.

I found the Escents staff to be patient, knowledgeable and helpful. They know their store and their products, and they’ll take the time to answer your questions and help you choose something that is exactly the right fit for you. Their line isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a little indulgence or a quick pick-me-up, it’s a great place to visit. And really, spending $20 on shampoo that makes you smile every morning is an excellent investment in your wellness. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

escents coquitlam wellness aromatherapy

Escents Coquitlam Centre | 2nd floor between Lululemon and Sephora | 604.475.0447

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