Top 5 Worst Parking Lots in the Tri-Cities

Worst Parking Lots Tri-Cities Coquitlam Port Moody Port Coquitlam

Recently the Tri-Cities Now published an article about the horrible Como Lake Village parking lot. I’ve had a number of conversations with people around town about Como Lake Village, and two things always come up. First, how awesome that dollar store is, and the parking lot. So in celebration of that 7th circle of parking hell, I present to you my Top 5 Worst Parking Lots in the Tri-Cities.

Honourable Mention

Pinetree Village, Coquitlam
Pricesmart Foods on a weekend, why seniors why?

Austin Station, Coquitlam
The two level thing at Austin and Mariner always messes me up. I think I’ve successfully made it out of there in one try once.

5. Costco – Port Coquitlam

This one is a little misleading, since it’s mostly about the surrounding streets that tend to not have enough space for everyone wanting to turn in all sorts of directions. But it’s really about the gas station. Once gas kissed $1 a litre, it was pandemonium. On a busy weekend enjoy trying to get in and out of this one.

4. Real Canadian Superstore, Westwood Mall – Coquitlam

Underneath the Superstore lurks a parking lot where people seem to feel they can drive like maniacs through the cover of darkness. Carts spill out into the driving lanes. Backing up is always an adventure as someone will inevitably speed up to try and squeak by you. Coupled with the fact people are already angry from trying to bag their own groceries in that tightly packed checkout area, and you’ve got a recipe for parking lot misery.

3. City Centre Library – Coquitlam

Number three on our list has managed to bring bad parking mojo to two different locations now. How can we forget the original City Centre library parking when it was located in City Hall? It was as packed together as the old stacks were. Now while the new library is beautiful, to park there you can’t just ditch your car in the Henderson Mall parkade. You have to go up a couple levels, then across a bridge just to get to the spots at all. Once up there you have another tight parking lot with lots of pedestrians to walk slowly in front of you. Book some extra time to get in and out of that maze.

2. Suter Brook Village Underground – Port Moody

Coming in at number two is a parking lot that the designer really could have used some graph paper when doing the layout. When you descend into a parking garage, it should be a straight shot into the lot. But instead you get this annoying three way stop where you have to turn a bit to the right to go straight. As the various car paint colours on the guard posts can attest to, having to thread a needle to get into the lot does not have a high enough success rate. Once you get past that the lanes are barely wide enough with lots of posts in strange places. Unless you’re coming from Thrifty’s, the stairwells to get in and out are quite hidden. Without even mentioning the street parking situation, Suter Brook Village gets the runner up.

1. Como Lake Village – Coquitlam

Where do you start? The slalom to get in and out? The walkway to Starbucks that just makes everything around it cramped? The weird east entrance off Montrose? The complete choke point in front of Shoppers Drug Mart where numerous cars jockey for space with pedestrians wielding No Frills carts? Como Lake Village has it all. It’s like Coquitlam Centre on Christmas Eve every day of the year.

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