Pasta Polo: Family Dining and Community Vibe

The recent renovations at Pasta Polo, a well-beloved local restaurant in Coquitlam, further enhance the sense of community served up with every dish.

Don’t start panicking if it’s your favourite place for eating out. Although the new décor freshens up the dining room, it’s still the same comfortable and familiar place to bring family, friends, loved ones and business interests for a tasty lunch or dinner. The updates simply add to the atmosphere, making co-owner Fred Soofi’s desire to bring people together more of a reality. Pasta Polo already supports a lot of community and more widely spread projects. For example, a room is freely available as a meeting venue for local non-profits Monday to Friday, from opening until mid-morning (check the website for details and bookings). So how can the renovations offer more?

pasta polo coquitlamWell, for one, there’s a big long community-style table, reminiscent of eating out in Europe. Soofi hopes it will bring friends and strangers alike together, so they can chat with and learn from each other. In addition, there is a noticeable absence of screens on the wall, removing the interruption of goal scoring or news updates that can distract you from enjoying time with your dining companions. Plans to offer an optional check-and-charge cell phone service are also under consideration; patrons will be able to leave their smartphones at the door to recharge, while they themselves refuel on the delicious pizzas from the new brick oven or the tasty Italian dishes on the menu.

Another elegant addition is the new wine bar, possibly the Tri Cities’ first, serving Blasted Church Vineyards products on tap alongside the beers and liqueurs lined up along the stylish library bar shelves. The elegant seating area around the bar is just right for an evening of wine, tapas and cool jazz in the works for Friday and Saturday evenings later this year. When the weather warms up, patrons can take full advantage of the seamless transition, moving from wine bar to mingle on the covered patio.

pasta polo coquitlamBut this isn’t all just for the grown-ups; the new brick pizza oven was a huge hit with my 11-year-old junior gastronome, who readily guzzled down more than his share of the thin crust pizza and delicious flat bread when we last visited. Another recent addition, Chef Bino Mecheroni, who hails originally from Tuscany, is in charge of the pizza menu and introducing other fine Italian dishes to the menu. Meanwhile staff member Mary bakes all the tasty breads in-house. As a family, we had no difficulty in finding dishes that would appeal to all of us, which makes dining out at Pasta Polo a truly relaxing experience.

Another great feature that kids (and their parents) will also want to check out is the tiny greenhouse by the restaurant entrance. It is a real delight to see herbs and salad items growing so close to the kitchen, supplementing the small outdoor garden space I’ve enjoyed on previous visits. Seeing food crops in production is a great educational reference for children too, as most people are now familiar only with pre-washed, pre-bagged servings in the local supermarket. Finding out that a tomatoes grow on bushes and that basil is a leafy plant truly delights junior gardeners, and the greenhouse is a great introduction to the world of green thumbs.

It’s not often that a family night out brings the Eat Local and 100-mile-diet theory into practice, in addition to serving up a tasty lesson in community engagement and nutritional enlightenment right on our doorstep.

Bon appetit!

Pasta Polo

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