Saint St. Grill: Your Post-Christmas Treat

Saint St Grill Port Moody

Christmas – just a memory. New Year’s Eve – oh my! Family catered, turkey stuffed, wrapping and unwrapping wrangled, wine mulled, mince pies eaten, entertaining day trips and refereeing the inevitable fights over who got what – all in the past. Time for a well-deserved break for you weary adults! May I suggest Port Moody’s Saint St. Grill for some civilized fine dining?

Open since 1998, Saint St. Grill is a sophisticated dining venue, easy to find on St. Johns Street, with plenty of parking nearby. My husband and I treated ourselves to dinner before the Christmas rush, making up for a rushed anniversary meal spent at IKEA. We made a good choice this time around.

Once inside, hosts Jay and Pavlina greeted us warmly and so we felt completely at home. We sat at one of the table windows for a great view of street life on Port Moody’s main thoroughfare. A tasty basket of bread accompanied our search through the dinner menu, where my husband picked out the crab cakes for his starter while I went for the baked goat cheese – neither of us was disappointed. The goat cheese was creamy and not too sharp, and the crab cakes deliciously moist.

For the main course, my dining companion chose the intriguing Elk Bourguignon, comprising slow roasted elk with bacon and mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce. It was delicious, and I must admit to a tinge of jealousy from over on the other side of the table. However, my Westcoast Seafood Pot was just as much a treat. Filled with prawns, white fish, an array of the tenderest mussels and the most succulent scallops ever, all in a rich creamy sea of coconut milk broth over glass noodles, my plateful kept me pleasantly distracted and satisfied.

In between courses, check out the rest of the dining room unless, like me, you’re taking in the street scene outside; as Port Moody’s main commuter thoroughfare it’s not often that you get a chance to view St. Johns Street at leisure. The dining room is best described as eclectic – a cosy mix of conversation pieces, art and picture frames, pleasingly arranged over the walls and the ceiling. In the romantically low lighting you can make out more frames laid carefully between the exposed rafters, as if stored for a seasonal adjustment in décor. Although it sounds haphazard, the overall result is stylish and a little decadent. Just right for a night out without the kids.

Although the dining room was well booked with Christmas parties, we never felt rushed and the food arrived in a timely manner. None of the waiting staff seemed unduly hurried, even with a table of more than ten to deal with, which kept the mood extremely relaxing. Overall, a real treat and we’ll be back again (soon).

Saint St. Grill | 604.937.7477 | 2510 St. John’s Street, Port Moody
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