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Velofix mobile cycle repair van

Busy cyclists will have noted the arrival of a brightly painted Mercedes Sprinter van around the neighbourhood with excitement. Yes cycle fans – mobile bike repair outfit Velofix is in town. Serving the Tri Cities and the Fraser Valley, this latest fully outfitted repair-shop-on-wheels joins the fleet already operating in Vancouver, the Island and all the way up the Sea-to-Sky.

The beauty of Velofix is that they come to you and your wobbly bike. Convenience is all; the service can be booked online or through a 1-800 phone number, at a time that suits you, to arrange an appointment time, date and location that also suits. The van, an impressively kitted out Mercedes Sprinter that mechanic operator Dave Eades says handles like a dream, then turns up at your home or work – and voila! Bicycle magic happens – sad cyclist no more.

Velofix mobile cycle repair van

Velofix mobile cycle repair van

Inside the van is an Aladdin’s cave of bike tools, equipment and other repair goodies. A handy bike stand holds the machine while the repairs take place, and all necessary tools are readily to hand. Everything packs away neatly and is stable for travel – truly a mobile bike repair shop to get you and your bike mobile once more. What’s more, the van is fully self-sufficient, with lighting from an overhead skylight, heating and power (from marine batteries rather than a noisy generator) so there’s no need to tap into on-site resources to deliver the service.

According to the website, Velofix started because founders Boris Martin, Chris Guillemet and Davide Xausa got tired of not having enough time to get their own bikes serviced on top of busy lives and family commitments. The first van went through extensive fitting and re-fitting, customizing the interior until it was just right. Once on the road, the founders soon saw that it wasn’t just them – the demand was real.

And now Dave is operating our nearest franchise serving the Tri Cities. As a pro bike mechanic, with many years’ experience in both mending the machines and commuting on them, he is pleased to offer the mobile service in his own community to all kinds of bike (yes, even striders). He’s also keen to offer pointers on simple maintenance jobs that cyclists can manage themselves if you’d like to stick around while he’s at work on your bike.

Not seeking to replace the bricks and mortar local bike shops, Dave explains that most people using Velofix services are either busy commuters or families with a whole shed of bikes to service.

He is quick to point out that the van does not carry any accessories such as helmets, gloves or other goods – this is something he readily refers customers to the local bike shops to find.

Although the van doesn’t carry a huge range of specialist parts, the online or phone booking system will ensure that the necessary gear is ordered, usually arriving within 24-48 hours for the servicing appointment itself. If there is any doubt over what your bike requires, Dave tells me that he can verify the details by phone prior to your appointment.

Another unique feature where Velofix does stand out, and something to bookmark for the festive season, is that the company will assemble mail order bicycles. Anything arriving flatpacked via parcel post will receive a professional assembly care of Velofix. And you can even get a Velofix gift certificate for this to complete your present too.

There is a minimum call out fee (see website for details) for services and the website does offer seasonal discounts. Right now, there is a 15% discount offer on the first bike book (again, check the website for this one). While on site, Dave can check over all family bikes and advise on servicing, in addition to completing the repairs that have been booked. Once completed, you can pay by credit card or Interac.

So keep an eye out for the bright red van in your area – it’s here to help you save time and ride more. Bon voyage!

Velofix | 1-855-835-6349

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