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So the old Ioco townsite is slowly sliding back into the earth. The Port Moody Heritage Society are not happy with the way Imperial Oil, who owns the property, has been maintaining the property. Back in 2002 Ioco was designated a heritage conservation area, which says that Imperial Oil is in charge of maintaining the property. At this point there are 17 buildings out there, 10 of which have tarps thrown over them to prevent them from completely rotting away. Back in 2011 Imperial Oil tried to fix two of the buildings, but abandoned it when the need for hazardous materials removal, total roof replacements and structural upgrades made the whole thing too costly.

Now I understand that we love to conserve our past in Port Moody. It’s something that makes the place unique. The Ioco townsite has been empty for decades now, but in all this time there doesn’t seem to be any kind of plan for what to do with it. The cost to save these buildings would be quite high, and while I’m sure everyone would love for Imperial Oil to buck up and rebuild the whole thing, they decided to get out of owning houses and such things back in 1975. I’m not seeing the value of it as a tourist attraction. The only way to really preserve any part of it is to make it vital somehow, and the only way to make it vital is (sacrilege alert!) to have people live there. Incorporate the buildings and heritage of the place in the redevelopment. Buyers pay a premium for that sort of thing. Then the easy part, we simply annex Anmore, punch David Avenue through and now all the Ioco Road traffic whiners will have two ways to get to Coquitlam Centre. These buildings aren’t exactly architectural wonders, they’re just old. Unless there is some kind of plan that does more than just dump a bunch of money into empty buildings, the rainforest will reclaim them for us.

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