Christmas Lights in the Tri-Cities 2014

Christmas Lights Tri-Cities 2014 Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody

Who likes Christmas lights? I like Christmas lights. Even the sad little dim ones I’ve wrapped around my front garden. Here are some local folks who have put a lot more effort into their holiday light displays.

I’ve made a Map of the Tri-Cities Christmas lights we have listed here. Makes cruising around looking at lights a lot easier.

If you have one we missed, email me at


1440 Cambridge Drive
More than 30,000 lights with music, Santa’s workshop, a hot air balloon, electric trains, and much more. Open 5:30pm-10pm.

3376 Creston Close
Called the Candy Cane house. 3,000 red and white lights with a sweet green tree in front. Look for Santa and Mrs. Claus in the windows. Lights will be on from 5-11pm until Jan 4th.

545 Sunset Avenue
Like Christmas trees that dance to the music? The house also has 15,500 lights including 2,000 lights on the roof. Open 5:30-10:15pm.

838 Lillian Street
Includes candy cane lights, a giant inflatable Santa, and music. Runs 6-9pm nightly with lights, and from 6-8pm Wednesdays and Sundays with both the lights and music.

2988 Forestridge Place
Lights, holiday figures, reindeer on the roof, one of the houses we visit every year. The family are accepting donations to Variety, the Children’s Charity.

678 Folsom Street
More than 50,000 lights, rooftop display screen, Santa, the reindeer, and it’s all controlled with more computing power than I have running this website. I made a video a few years back, and it’s even more awesome now.

646 Claremont Street
Two blocks to the west of Como Lake and Clarke Road. 8,000 lights set to music, a nativity, Santa, reindeer, and more. Open daily from 5-10pm. Wander up the driveway for the best view.

Trinity Street
Just to the east of Mundy Street, Trinity Street usually gets 4 very well lit houses to cruise by.

Cable Court
The whole street gets in on the act with lights galore. One house in the cul-de-sac even has a video projection of Santa in the window. Thanks to Kris Ann for sharing this one.

Coquitlam City Hall/Spirit Square/Lafarge Lake
The City of Coquitlam display that we highlighted in a previous post. Just go, it’s cool.

Port Coquitlam

3313 Rae Street
Never duplicated, Miracle on Rae Street is the reigning heavyweight champion of Tri-Cities light displays. 100,000 lights. 80-foot tree. Here’s the video I did of the madness. They take contributions to the food bank, and try parking on Prairie Avenue. It gets quite congested so try to be nice to the neighbours. Sunday-Thursday 5-10pm and Friday-Saturday 5-11pm.

1228 Oriole Place
Lots of great lights and various displays set to music. Always cool lights on the roof. Open 5-10pm.

And if you need help getting your lights put up and running, check out our sponsor or call Brock at 604.763.4094

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