No Exit in Port Moody

No Exit Inlet Theatre Port Moody

Never You Mind Productions’ successful debut show, A Particular Class of Women, earned rave reviews and played to five sold-out houses. My husband and I had the pleasure of attending in Port Moody and enjoyed it immensely. Now the talented ladies behind Never You Mind – Lauren A. Campbell, Flora Karas and Lisa-Marie Marrelli – want to take you to Hell. And – if you’re lucky – they’ll bring you back again with their production of No Exit by renowned French writer and Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

“It is better; heavier, crueler. The mouth you wear for hell.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

The play examines the afterlives of three souls sent to Hell to be punished, not by torture or eternal flame, but by each other. Trapped in a drawing room with no mirrors and no exits, the boundaries of identity, time and existence dissolve. Each character is left with nothing but the mercy of each other’s gazes and the agony of their own minds. Never You Mind’s presentation focuses on Sartre’s idea that one’s thoughts create their experiences in life. The play illuminates his belief that what one experiences in other people is merely a reflection of our own minds’ projections.

Never You Mind aims to demonstrate the ultimate interconnectedness of all human beings. The play offers a startlingly prescient commentary on the creative power of the mind, and the inextricable link of humanity that connects us all. The characters might be damned – but it’s not too late for you to experience some great local theatre this month.

No Exit is coming to Port Moody’s Inlet Theatre from November 28-30, 2014. Tickets are $30 for adults and $25 for seniors and students. To find out more, and to get your tickets, visit

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