Take a Trip Back to the Roaring 20s with Douglas College

Douglas College A Class Act 2014

If you’ve always wanted to taste a Bee’s Knees, a Mary Pickford or a Bourbon Cobbler, you can head over to Douglas College in Coquitlam on October 17, 2012 where the annual fundraiser to support students focuses on the Prohibition era.

A Class Act – A Taste of the 20s includes samplings of six Prohibition-era cocktails, wine, beer and chocolate, along with live jazz music and a chance to compete for live and silent auction prizes. “The Mayors of the Tri-Cities have graciously agreed to be our auctioneers,” says Hazel Postma, associate vice president, external relations at Douglas College. “This will be as much a learning opportunity for them as the event is for our students.”

With Douglas College’s focus on applied learning, Postma says “students from Hospitality Management and Marketing will be hosts, servers and chocolate ambassadors throughout the evening. They are learning about chocolate, food and beverages, and how to engage people in a social setting.”

They have also read up on the 1920s and learned that it was a time of economic growth and major changes in social, artistic and cultural life. Jazz music became mainstream, young women wore short skirts, drank, smoked and generally flouted social conventions. It was a decade of prosperity and excess after the horrors of World War I and the Spanish flu epidemic and technology, in the form of cars, telephones, motion pictures and electricity, was changing the way people lived.

Along with this new spirit of excitement and excess came Prohibition which made it illegal to manufacture, import or sell any type of liquor, although drinking was not illegal. Smuggling liquor developed into a huge industry and led to the rise of organized crime in major US cities. “The taste of this illegal liquor was so bad that it needed to be masked by fruit juices, giving rise to the popularity of cocktails,” says Postma.

In addition to the cocktail samples, wine and beer will be paired with a range of chocolate and guests will enjoy hand-crafted chocolate truffles while sampling a range of appetizers infused with chocolate.

Tickets are $75 each and are available online at www.douglascollege.ca/foundation, or by calling 604.777.6176.

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