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Port Moody Shop Local

We’ve tasted the 100-mile diet.

We’re cutting down on big box spending.

We’re looking at shopping locally to support businesses in our community.

And now businesses in Port Moody are giving us even more incentive to take the message a step further with a Super Local Shoppers Program. Do you have what it takes to become a Super Local Shopper? Read on!

shoplocal1As an encouragement to keep things local when shopping, a group of 20 independent business owners in Port Moody have banded together cooperatively to promote Shop Local Port Moody. With colourful and immediately recognizable branding, they are spreading awareness of the Shop Local message throughout the city.

Shopping locally keeps money within the community. Rather than sending revenue back to a larger corporate entity, local businesses recycle the money spent within their own neighbourhoods. Apparently, for every dollar spent at a locally owned business, more revenue returns into the community than would by spending at a chain store.

There’s also the community building that goes on when local businesses are supported. Business owners create more local jobs, take a more active part in decision-making and are more likely to support local causes. They also help to keep our surroundings vibrant and diverse, stopping them from becoming lookalike clones of big-brand name malls. With smaller independent businesses, one-of-a-kind is preserved and the unique character of a neighbourhood is maintained.

But all this needs local consumer input. As Lisa Beecroft of Caffe Divano and one of the Shop Local organisers notes, “Port Moody is a unique community with a vibrant mix of great independent businesses and we want to ensure that those businesses continue to thrive. In order to achieve this, we need the community to appreciate not only the importance of where they choose to spend their money but also the power of those choices.”

Local shoppers need to shop locally to keep these stores viable – instead of heading automatically to the nearest chain store, why not consider alternative locally-run options? Switching monthly spending habits, even in a minor way, can make a great difference. And now there’s an excuse to help make that switch.

After some careful planning, Shop Local Port Moody has chosen to incentivize residents with the Super Local Shopper program that rewards loyal customers for their purchases. Starting this September, qualifying purchases from Shop Local Port Moody members will gather points that eventually turn into a 5% discount for products and services.

shoplocal2Each time you spend $25 at a Shop Local Port Moody member business, you earn a stamp on a special passport. With ten stamps, you become a Super Local Shopper and receive 5% discount on qualifying purchases at member business for the rest of 2014. Each business has defined how the 5% discount applies; for example, Caffe Divano, Soko Tea House and Gallery Bistro are each offering 5% off your entire purchase, while Rocky Point Kayaks is offering the discount on tours and lessons. Claim your 5% discount with an infra-red sauna at Healing Cedar or use it on parts and accessories from Secret Cycles. Five percent off the cost of your Rocky Point Ice Cream? Hmmm – I thought so!

There’s plenty of choice and all the information about the scheme is on the group’s website. Simply pick up a passport stamp card from any of the member businesses and go shopping. Once your card is complete, return it to Port Moody Flowers, Caffe Divano or SOKO Tea House and get upgraded to Super Local Shopper status.

Although I’ll admit that Port Moody isn’t the easiest for pedestrian-friendly shopping, it does have a good selection of interesting and definitely-not-the-mall character shops that are worth the trip. In my opinion, one of the neatest things about this Shop Local campaign is that it encourages you to visit businesses that you have probably never noticed before. We live in an amazing city but even long-term residents might not know all the retail gems tucked into its odd corners.

Think of the Super Local Shopper card as a route map to new adventure, a licence to explore this amazing city of ours. Get to know your local stores … just in time for Christmas (there! I said it – not many shopping days to go now!).

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  1. David Spence says:

    You are right about the significance of shoppers buying local to support the local economy…….my question is do the businesses buy local too, or do they buy product from distant corporate bodies to re-sell?
    Can you have one without the other?
    Or is the web of the economy never simply local, but always complex and global?

  2. Rocky Point Ice Cream says:

    Hello, we purchase as many ingredients as possible ‘locally’ first. If we cannot get ingredients locally we try and use an independent third party supplier that is local. We also use a local family business for the majority of our packaging/paper products which are are made in Canada or USA first. Most of our packaging is recyclable or compostable.

    We do our best we can to shift our purchases to local businesses, even when it costs us a little more.

    Rocky Point Ice Cream