Shady Parks in the Tri-Cities

Rocky Point Park Port Moody

Although vitamin D is a good thing to have on board and sunshine is the best way to build up your stores, staying out of the burning rays is kinder to your skin. Sun safety is especially important for children, where research has shown a correlation between serious sunburn and later skin cancer. Slip, slap, slop is a good message to remember.

It’s also a good idea to play in the shade, cut down on sun exposure and still burn off some energy. While many parks in the Tri Cities are in full sun, here are a handful with shade options to explore.

Sun Valley Park, Hamilton Street, Port Coquitlam
Although the main play area is in full sun for the whole day, check out the glade of trees near the spray park beside the swimming pool. There are some cool spots for a picnic blanket and out-of-the-sun games.

Rocky Point Park, Port Moody
Again, mainly full sun, including the spray park, but when you’re ready for a cool down, the shade under the trees next to the swings is worth checking out. There is also a picnic shelter close to the pier, and there might be room under the bandstand too if there isn’t a concert taking place.

Lions Park, Port Coquitlam
While the majority of the play area is in full sun, there is enough shade around its perimeter to cool off, enjoy a picnic or run around playing Capture the Flag in this riverside park.

Mundy Park, Coquitlam
The main playground is in the sun, but it is ringed by many trees. The shaded trails among the trees also offer a great spot to escape from the roasting sun at midday. Little legs can run and run, while parents keep up and stay cool.

Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby
This sandy stretch faces north across to Belcarra and Port Moody’s north shore. It’s easy to access from Barnet Highway, with ample car parking. Either head to the parking spaces immediately on your left off the highway and take the bridge over the train tracks, or go down the hill closer to the beach (Note: there is a railway crossing at this level). Although the beach loses the sun from around midday, summer means that there is enough heat in the sand to keep you toasty. Lie back on your towel and watch the big ships navigate carefully through the narrows. There are also plenty of grassy picnic spots under the trees, some with tables, for you to cool off in the shade.

Belcarra Park, Belcarra
The playground itself is nicely shaded at this Metro Vancouver park, making it one of the few places for kids to enjoy play structures in the shade. There are also lots of walking trails through the trees. While the dock is in full sun, there is usually a lovely breeze and your children will enjoy watching the crab fishing.

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