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Evergreen Line Name Change

So maybe it won’t be called the Evergreen Line after all? News broke this week that perhaps Translink won’t name the new SkyTrain line the Evergreen. The final configuration of how the lines will flow together hasn’t been completely decided yet, but what is looking likely is that the Evergreen Line will actually be an extension of the Millenium Line. So you can ride from the Lafarge Lake-Douglas station right through to VCC-Clark at the end of the Millenium Line. The Coquitlam Now isn’t thrilled with the name change, and Councillor Terry O’Neill gives us a little background.

Personally, I like the name Evergreen Line. But if it’s one line from Downtown Vancouver to Coquitlam, changing the name of that line partway down makes no sense at all. There are numerous examples of street naming (and construction signage) around here that now make no sense. Barnet Highway turns left on to St. Johns that becomes Barnet Highway again before you get to the corner of the Lougheed Highway and the Lougheed Highway. Out-of-towners looking at a map must just shake their heads. In the end it doesn’t matter what the name is, as long as it makes the system easy to navigate for people who won’t remember the politics of it all in 20 years.

In Langley our own Coquitlam Adanacs are playing in the Minto Cup, the junior lacrosse championship of Canada. Coquitlam opened up the series with a win, and you can cheer on our boys at the Langley Events Centre, Game 3 is Tuesday night.

The Vancouver Sun has named Coquitlam the bear sighting capital of B.C.. The story has an interactive map showing all the bear sightings across the South Coast.

Speaking of the Vancouver Sun, they have a recent article on the battle over densification in the Tri-Cities.

Summer has been truly spectacular around here, and Miss604 has a roundup of the best videos showing summer fun in Vancouver.

And finally, local Realtor Dave Jenkins has posted a video showing the awesomeness of Klahanie in Port Moody.

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  1. Look at a map of the existing Skytrain system. It indicates that the Millennium Line starts at Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver, continues concurrently with the Expo Line all the way to Columbia Station in New West before looping back through Burnaby and west to VCC-Clark station. At Waterfront you catch a train either labelled “Expo Line to King George” or “Millennium Line to VCC-Clark”. From Waterfront to Columbia, there are 16 stations originally on the Evergreen Line than are now considered to be on both lines. For the purposes of riding trains and transporting people, we think of the Millennium Line starting in downtown Vancouver at Waterfront, and not just consisting of the newer sections built 12-15 years ago.

    This system works just fine, and by and large doesn’t confuse anyone who rides the Skytrain more than once a month.

    So why not have the same thing with the Millennium Line and the Evergreen Line along their shared route? Forget this talk of “the line you’re riding suddenly changes at Lougheed, which would be confusing.” Consider the 11 stations from VCC-Clark to Lougheed as being on both the Millennium Line and the Evergreen Line. From any of these stations heading east, you would board a train labelled either “Millennium Line to Waterfront” or “Evergreen Line to Lafarge Lake-Douglas”.

    It’s the sort of distinction that we already understand from using the Expo and Millennium Lines. It’s not that complicated. I don’t see a problem.

    • Point is though, according to Terry’s blog post, that you would no longer be able to stay on a train heading east on the Millennium Line straight to New West. If you wanted to go to New West once the Evergreen is finished, you have to get on a new train at Lougheed Mall. Trains on the Millennium Line would only go back and forth between Coquitlam and VCC-Clark, not alternate like the Expo Line trains do between Surrey and the full Millennium. So because there is no “Millennium Line to Waterfront”, there’s really no distinction for the new line other than the age of the tracks.

      • I was under the impression, based on previous Evergreen Line planning information, that Translink had decided to keep Millennium Line trains running all the way to VCC-Clark, as well as have Evergreen Line trains run to VCC-Clark. This would increase the train frequency between Lougheed and VCC-Clark from its existing levels in order to handle the increased ridership. If this is no longer Translink’s plan, well, then frankly I’m disappointed. But perhaps they had to change plans in order to stretch the Skytrain fleet thinner across a larger network, being unable to afford enough new trains right now. (Much as they’re unable to afford any service increases across the transit system.)

  2. I’m thrilled that the extension of the sky train is coming to Port Moody & Coquitlam. Two reasons: I’m a hybrid commuter in the sense I like using public transit where possible and I do drive.
    When going to the downtown heart of Vancouver, I merrily take the sky train or travelling to the airport. Secondly, my B&B guests will be able to use public transit from the YVR to the St. Johns station and hop a shuttle to be delivered to my front door. Go to Paris, Milan, Barcelona and there are multiple underground routes well engineered and labelled and one uses them with ease if interested.

    I’m all about clarity. Not being from the area, I originally struggled with the existing sky train system. It has taken time to figure it out since I don’t use it every day. Anything to simplify the navigation of the system whether it be the name of the extension or better audio announcing the stops, I’m all for it.
    Let’s not make the name of the extension a huge bun fight.
    An unrelated concern is people love their cars. Will the big money spent on this extension get them out of their cars? This is the billion $$$ question. Our tax dollars are at work to fund this travel advantage let’s enjoy the benefit.