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Place Des Arts September 2014 Exhibition

It’s no secret that we love Place des Arts in Coquitlam. Their classes are top-notch, their events are lots of fun, and their boutique is one of the best places to gift shop in the Tri-Cities. If you haven’t checked out the art on display, though, you’re really missing out. This arts centre boasts gallery space that you can view for free, featuring art from fabulous artists, many of them local. They have a round of exhibitions running from September 4-October 4, 2014. To get a feel for the art on display, be sure to stop by the opening reception on Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 6:00pm. Who knows? You may just love something enough to make it your own.

Here’s what you’ll see in these exhibitions:

ArtFeats, Place des Arts annual Teacher and Staff Show

This annual exhibition features the works of many of Place des Arts’ talented teachers and staff. Works this year include ceramics by David Robinson, handmade books by Saskia Jetten, sculptures by Joy Kirkwood, and paintings by Jane Appleby, Adrian Walker and Sue Cowan. Several Place des Arts staff members will also show off their talents, including Michael Fera, Bali Singh, Jessie Au and Oliver McTavish Wisden.

Silence Lifted, by Karen Santos

Karen Santos is a Vancouver-based painter whose work explores the symbiotic relationship between affects and art. Karen’s most recent collection, Silence Lifted, is a reflection on a vow of silence that Karen took in order for her operatic career to progress — a loss of the language that became quintessential to her personal expression.

By Land, Air and Sea, by Jeff Wilsonplace des arts

Jeff Wilson is a Scottish-born artist drawn to landscape elements that capture a sense of place. Commonly depicting vehicles, signage, mountains, coastlines and animals, Wilson`s realistic acrylics have won him various honours and have toured across North America. His artwork displays an immediate visual impact, illustrating everyday subjects that a wide range of viewers can relate to.

To art!

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